What does chinchilla eat: the most suitable foods

Today it has become very popular to maintain such aanimal, like chinchilla, at home. No less important in this case is the question of what eats chinchilla, and how, in general, to properly feed this animal. After all, in order for this pet to be healthy and feel fine, it is necessary to take seriously its feeding.

What eats chinchilla

Ration of chinchilla

So, in the first place I want to say aboutthat the main component of the ration of chinchilla is the food in the pellets, as it contains a large number of useful microelements and vitamins. Provided that this animal came to you from another owner, you need to know more about what it likes to eat chinchilla, and stick to about this very diet in order not to harm the stomach of the animal. Since the host decides what his pet will eat, it is necessary to single out in a separate list what you can eat chinchillas, and what not. Of course, you can buy food in the pet store, but over its contents, and most importantly, its usefulness is worth considering. Of course, various delicacies such as bananas or some varieties of nuts are very tasty, and these products can be safely included in the list of what chinchilla is eating. However, how much they are needed by the body and whether they are useful - this is a completely different matter.

What you can eat chinchillas
In order to pamper your pet, there is nonecessity, because, wanting to please him, you gradually wean him from normal healthy food, thereby violating the work of his stomach. To the question: "What to feed the chinchilla?" - You can safely answer: "All". The main thing is to be able to find a balance between feeds and monitor the proportions. So, it's best to give preference to the granulated fodder and not forget about the hay, which contains a lot of useful for the chinchilla.

Tasty and healthy food for chinchilla

It is worth remembering that the structure of the chinchilla stomachhas its own characteristics, and therefore in feeding this animal must be extremely cautious. Despite the fact that eating chinchilla is almost everything, there are a number of products that can harm her body. It would be superfluous to mention that her digestive system is poorly adapted to digesting food. Feed the chinchilla with sweet foods often can not, because sugar, in large quantities contained in various sweets, can provoke something like insulin shock. Do not feed the chinchilla with a lot of raisins or sweet fruits. Sometimes you can give small pieces of bread, preferably only rye, but in this case, you should also remember about certain features, namely - the content of yeast, which in a separate case can cause bloating.

What to feed the chinchilla
An animal's ration can be varied with vegetables, butto give them is only in a dried form - it is better not to use fresh vegetables. You can pamper your pet with apple slices or carrots, but they also need to be dried. Enrich the animal's body will help the hips. As for the grass, it can also be used as food. However, it must be remembered that the grass should also be well dried. In the list of what eats chinchilla, you can safely include dried leaves of clover, dandelion and nettle.

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