Breastfeeding vitamins for mom: names, reviews

The fact that a newborn baby should be fedbreastmilk, future mothers hear from the doctors from the very moment they first address them for the alleged pregnancy. Thanks to natural feeding, the baby gets all the necessary elements for growth and development. But for the baby to eat properly, the milk should be enriched with useful ingredients. That is why vitamins for breastfeeding for a mother are what will help a woman to feed her child for a long time, not at the expense of her own health.

Mother's milk - protection against diseases

Breast milk is studied constantly, because attemptsto create an absolutely identical natural diet for babies do not stop, although they did not lead to a 100% result. Nature has allowed the mother to become the main protection of a newborn baby from disease, a support in the development of both physical and mental. Mother's milk is a balanced pantry for everything you need to feed your baby. But after all, it is important for a woman to preserve her health, too, in order to give the right baby and to remain full of herself.

The process of secretion in the mammary glandsa woman is pawned during pregnancy, although for the first time it appears immediately after birth. It's about colostrum. Scientists have found out that the secret of the mammary glands of the newly given woman is more similar in composition to blood than to milk. In this substance, a huge amount of albumins, globulins, selenium and zinc, vitamins A, E, which are natural antioxidants. One of the properties of colostrum is an easy relaxation, helping the newborn to quickly get rid of meconium. After 4-5 days it becomes so-called transitional milk, and after another 2.5-3 weeks it ripens. Only after this time the infant sucks in the ripe milk.

At all stages of the change, the secret of the mammary glandsa woman has the ability to maintain the immunity of a newborn. But in order for breast milk to comply with all norms and help the child develop, a woman should take care of herself. Therefore, a complex of vitamins for nursing mothers is a necessary supplement for the entire lactation period. In the vast majority of cases, pharmacy products contain a multicomponent set of useful, important and necessary substances. Both doctors and nursing women leave mostly positive responses about breastfeeding vitamins for their mother, because the health and well-being of the child are clear evidence of the effectiveness of the measures taken for proper lactation.

vitamins for breastfeeding for mom

Vitamins and Nursing Mothers

Harmonious development of the baby depends on nutrition andcare for him. In turn, it is important for the mother to maintain and maintain their own health. Nature prudently took care of a new life - women's milk allows the child to receive all the vital components for a full-fledged development.

Coming to the pharmacy, on the counter you can see not onethe name of vitamins for nursing mothers. This is not surprising, because pharmaceutical companies are trying to include in the product line the necessary drugs for all potential consumers. But before you buy a beautiful box with capsules, tablets or granules, you need to understand what kind of natural substances are needed specifically for mom and baby. You can, of course, choose something on the advice of a relative or girlfriend who has already passed the period of breastfeeding, but it is more correct and more reasonable to listen to the advice of a specialist.

vitamins for breastfeeding for mom reviews

Vitamin "sun" and others

Retinol (vitamin A) is a stimulant of growth anddevelopment, irreplaceable for bones, cartilage, connective tissue, heparin, as well as the intercellular component of hyaluron. It participates in the synthesis of enzymes, sex hormones, immunoglobulin A and interferon, which perform protective functions of the body, is necessary for the proper functioning of the visual system, for example, for twilight vision.

B vitamins are the most extensive categoryuseful substances. All of them are active participants in cellular metabolism. For mothers and babies, vitamins B are especially important under indices 1, 2, 6, 9, 12.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - the most activeantioxidant among all related substances. It protects cells from damage by free radicals, stimulates the production of interferon, collagen, serotonin. Vitamin C - a real activator of the body's defenses, support of immunity. Adequate intake of ascorbic acid into the body increases its immunity to any pathogenic exposure from the outside.

Vitamin D in common parlance is called "vitaminsun ", because it is produced in the human body under the influence of ultraviolet rays, or it comes from food.Its role in the body is based on direct participation in cellular reproduction, the start of metabolic processes.But the main purpose of vitamin D in the body is the qualitative assimilation of calcium and phosphorus - materials for the bone, cartilaginous and muscle tissues of man.Vitamin D in breastfeeding mom is especially important.It's deficiency leads to not the most pleasant consequences. Dew women suffer from the deterioration of the teeth, hair and nails during the lactation period.

what vitamins can I drink nursing mom

Tocopherol (vitamin E) is considered by right"female" vitamin, which protects cells from the oxidizing ability of oxygen. He is also called an active fighter with cancer, bad cholesterol. This substance plays an important role in the production of collagen, muscle proteins, as well as protein compounds of the placenta and mucous membranes. Its role is revealed in the production of gonadotropic hormones and the functional of the human immune system.

Chemical elements and breast milk

Asking the pharmacist in the pharmacy about vitamins whenbreastfeeding for mom, women have in mind a comprehensive remedy that includes everything important and necessary for herself and her baby. Such drugs include a variety of chemical elements. This is mainly iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus. These substances - the basis for the proper operation of all organs and systems (cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, endocrine, etc.). Vitamins for nursing mothers, whose rating will be proposed just below, in fact are complex vitamin and mineral complexes, created in accordance with the needs of the female body during lactation. According to interviews among doctors and breastfeeding women, such tools as Vitrum Prenatal Forte, Elevit Pronatal, Complivit Mama, AlphaVit Mom's Health, and Femibion ​​are the most popular and trusted. These pharmacy products will be discussed below.

what vitamins are needed for a nursing mother

"Alphabet Mother's Health"

Vitamins for breastfeeding for momusually selected by a gynecologist, who watches a woman from the moment of registration for pregnancy. One of the Russian drugs, often prescribed and breastfeeding, and pregnant women, is "AlphaVit Mom's Health", which are produced by the firm "AKB AND ON". This product is included in the product line "AlphaWit" and has a characteristic feature for it - the separation of all the constituents of micronutrients into groups according to the principle of maximum biological compatibility with each other:

  • Tablets "Iron +", which include ferrum, copper, taurine, vitamin A, B1 and B9, S. They are painted in orange. Many women, in their experience and recommendations of doctors advise to drink "Iron +" in the morning.
  • Tablet "Antioxidants +". It is intended for daily intake, colored yellow and contains iodine, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, B2, AT6, C, E, PP.
  • Tablet "Calcium-D3+ ".Complete daily intake of the complex drug" Alphabet Mom's Health. "Color cream, it includes calcium, calcium pantotate, phosphorus, chromium, vitamin D3, AT7 (biotin), B9, AT12, K1.

Another distinguishing feature of this drug is the presence of taurine and iodine, which makes it possible to isolate this vitamin-mineral complex among analogues.

Vitamin D for Nursing Mother

"Vitrum Prenatal Forte"

What vitamins can I drink to a nursing mother? This question is asked by women who are only preparing for childbirth or already become a mother. Another vitamin and mineral complex is Vitrum Prenatal Forte from the American company Unipharm, Inc. (USA). Pharmacy preparation consists of such substances as vitamin A, vitamins B1, AT2, AT5, AT6, AT7 (biotin), B9, AT12, vitamin PP, C, D3, E, PP, iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, selenium, zinc, chromium. It should be taken 1 tablet a day. It is advisable to discuss the duration of the course with a specialist.

complex of vitamins for nursing mothers

"Complimentary Mama"

Vitamins "Compllywit Mama" with thoracicfeeding is another popular means. It is produced by the Russian company Pharmstandard-UfaVita. The complex is presented in the form of tablets, film-coated and containing vitamins A, E, B1, AT2, AT6, AT9, AT12, PP and C. The complex also includes micronutrients: iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus. The manufacturer advises to take this remedy in the morning, preferably during or immediately after breakfast.

vitamins for nursing moms rating


Packing with a kangaroo on the box attractsattention of young mothers - a nice picture causes confidence in the drug. And this is not just a picture - in the package are the vitamins necessary for mothers when breast feeding. This preparation is produced by a company from Germany Ratiopharm International GmbH. The form of this multicomponent preparation is capsules, each containing calcium, iron and phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B1, AT2, AT6, AT9, AT12, vitamin C, vitamin D, PP. Capsules should be taken with food, a daily dose should be recommended by the mother and baby doctor who is watching.

vitamins for breastfeeding for mom mosquito

"Femibion ​​2"

Another vitamin for breastfeeding formother "Femibion ​​2". The manufacturer declares them as a necessary remedy for women from the 12-week gestation period and until the end of lactation. The preparation is produced in capsules that contain vitamins E and B9, iodine, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) - one of theOmega-3 fatty acids, which is an important element for the development of the child's brain and his vision. Take the drug in the morning for 1 capsule after meals. Feature "Femibion ​​2" - recommended by the manufacturer duration of the course of use.

vitamins compliment mother during breastfeeding

"Elevit Pronatal"

What vitamins are needed for a nursing mother? Helping to maintain their health and beauty, but at the same time able to enrich the breast milk with all the substances necessary for the baby. One of the most popular and popular vitamin and mineral multicomponents "Elevit Pronatal" from Bayer company possesses such qualities. Each tablet in a film shell includes vitamins A, B1, AT2, AT5, AT6, AT7,AT9, AT12, C, E, D3, PP, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper,zinc, phosphorus. Scheme of application of this drug for pregnant women and lactating women - 1 tablet per day. Women who gave preference to the complex "Elevit Pronatal", it is worth paying attention to the updated design of the package. Changes in the appearance of the drug are explained by the increased cases of purchasing fake funds by buyers. This fact negatively affected the reputation of the manufacturer and the drug itself.

vitamin d with breastfeeding mom

Doctor Komarovsky

What all the same should be vitamins in the breastfeeding for mom? Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich, the most famous pediatrician in our country, repeatedly says that resort to pharmacy vitamin-mineral complexes should only be done with certain indications, supplementing them with a full-fledged diet. Self-administration of drugs is undesirable, it is necessary to get a doctor's recommendation to start drinking harmless, seemingly at first glance, vitamins. Hypervitaminosis is just as serious a problem as vitamin deficiency, a deficiency of nutrients in the body. According to Dr. Komarovsky, it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complexes for lactating mothers only in three cases:

  • poor nutrition of the mother both at the stage of pregnancy and after the birth of the baby;
  • confirmed by the results of analyzes of vitamin deficiency in the child;
  • the lack of valuable trace elements in a breast-feeding woman.

The main way to get all the necessaryvitamins for a breast-feeding woman and her infant baby - rational nutrition. Particular attention Evgeny Olegovich sharpens in his lectures on the need to use "vitamin sun". Taking vitamin D for a nursing mother will prevent the development of such a disease in a child, like rickets. In addition, the doctor recommends taking this substance in the period from autumn to spring, when the time for outdoor walks is reduced and natural sunlight in many regions of our country is getting smaller. This is perhaps the only vitamin that can not be obtained from outside without sufficient sunlight.

name vitamin for nursing mothers

Vitamins in the menu

All specialists involved in the health of women andchildren, believe that a woman who is just thinking about the birth of a baby should carefully consider their diet. After all, a balanced diet will allow the body to receive all the important and necessary elements for both bearing a healthy pregnancy and feeding the baby full nutritious milk. Vitamins in breastfeeding for mom - only an aid in some cases. It is best to get everything you need from food, such as:

  • beans;
  • greenery;
  • meat (lean);
  • vegetables;
  • a fish;
  • fruit.

The menu can be simple, but useful and tasty,the main thing is to give a little more attention to its compilation. But if for some reason a woman can not eat fully, one should resort to a specialist's advice for selecting a vitamin and mineral complex. The woman, of course, should take into account the peculiarities of her health, remember, for example, about the intolerance of certain products, the propensity to allergic reactions to any components. On the individual characteristics of your body, you should inform the doctor leading the pregnancy, and then - the pediatrician, to get adequate advice on the additional use of vitamins for moms.

vitamins for breastfeeding for mom

What do moms say?

For many women the basis of replenishment of the bodyvaluable micronutrients in breastfeeding - vitamins for mom. Reviews of such funds are usually positive. With a competent selection of vitamin-mineral complexes bring real benefits. Yes, extremely rare and negative responses in which women complain about any drug that caused heartburn or a rash. But most often the cause of indignation is an individual intolerance. The rating of the drugs was given above, but which one to choose - the doctor will advise.

vitamins for breastfeeding for mom reviews

The intake of vitamins in breastfeeding formothers are an important condition for giving your child high-quality nutrition in the form of breast milk, enriched with all necessary trace elements, while maintaining their health, beauty and strength.

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