Military Communications Day

Military Communications Day is considered to be directthe birthday of the communications troops. Since 1919, it is celebrated on October 20. Mainly because on that day the final formation of the communications department was made in the Field Staff and led by the chief manager-the communications chief. The order of the Revolutionary Military Council contributed to this.

Then a communication service wasSpecial service of specialized staffs, and communications troops - in special independent troops. This was the basis for the further structure of modern communications troops. And without them, it becomes impossible to manage the Armed Forces, since the military connection for this is the main material basis.

On how well and quickly thethe efficiency of this system, very much in many respects the speed of troop leadership, as well as the timeliness and accuracy of the use of weapons and military equipment. Therefore, the Military Communications Day is a holiday of responsible, prompt, attentive and courageous people.

During its development, military communications overcamean uneasy and long enough path that is inextricably linked with the creation of the Armed Forces, with methods and methods of applying military art, with its constant improvement and the gradual change in its forms.

At first these were the most primitive sound andvisual communication means, intended for direct transmission of commands and signals on the battlefield. At the present time - these are modern multi-channel automated systems that are able to provide communication at unlimited distances (practically).

Regardless of whether they are used in thisstationary or mobile objects, the signal is fixed and on water, and on land, and in air, and under water. And on the Day of Military Communications it is worth reading not only those who worked or worked in this field, but also those who for so long continued to improve the entire system.

Today it is a complex multifunctionalan organism that includes a number of nodes that differ in their purpose. In addition, it consists of thousands of kilometers of radio links. In its composition - radio relay, wire, tropospheric and other types of communication.

The Armed Forces obviously need the militarycommunicators, as in the air. Since the use of military means is operative and effective only if they carry out their own work in a responsible manner. And at least once a year, congratulations on the Day of the communicator are obliged to bear the words of gratitude and respect.

These professionals are always on guard for our peace. And they do not get their orders, awards and simple words of gratitude at all. After all, their work is far from easy. Here, only responsible and brave people can work, who are always ready to receive an alarm signal. And what is very important is to react to it promptly. And such speed of action and coherence of the work of all units saves human lives for quite some time.

The Military Communications Day is a holiday of all those,who has something to do with military communications. Due attention should be paid to the high professionalism of commanders, field training of units and formations, readiness for personnel to perform various tasks. And thousands of soldiers fulfill their duty with honor, taking part in counter-terrorism and peacekeeping operations.

In the development of communications in wartime and today itsContributions were made by many Russian inventors and scientists. During the war, for example, the signalers warned about the danger, about where and how the enemy's troops were stationed, and handed over to the soldiers important information received from the military command. Today these people stand guard over our peace, guarding our lives.

And in their professional holiday they not onlyThey accept congratulations on the occasion of the Military Communications Day, but they also receive gifts from relatives, relatives, and, of course, do not remain without awards and bonuses from management.

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