Do you know which side to put the foil on a baking sheet?

For the preparation of juicy meat, refined fish,vegetables, housewives often use foil on a baking tray. And from time to time home cooks are concerned about the question of why this aluminum sheet has one side of matte, and the other is glossy, glossy. Does it make any difference? Perhaps, during cooking with the help of foil, you need to observe some special rules? Today we will try to understand this.

foil on baking tray

Which side to put the foil on a baking tray? Will prompt the process of its manufacture

To answer our questions, let's first consider the technology of food foil production.

It turns out that for economy and money, and time,it is rolled in two layers at once. Because of this, the side that touches the rollers turns out shiny, and the opposite one, respectively, remains matte. Therefore, as you already know, there can not be any fundamental differences concerning both sides of the foil.

Does the quality of food depend on which side to put the foil on a baking sheet?
which side to put the foil on the baking tray

The properties of the foil under consideration do not changethe state of the food being cooked and its taste, no matter how you turn this sheet. Despite the arguments about the different reflective abilities available in a glossy and matte surface, they actually have practically the same values ​​(88% and 80%, respectively). And this clearly can not somehow significantly change their properties.

This means which side to put the foil ona pan, has no fundamental value! The quality and taste of food in this case will depend only on the skill of the cook. However, dishes prepared with the use of vinegar or having a sour taste, to keep a long time in the foil is not worth it. In addition, it is not cooked in the microwave: everything will remain moist.

But this aluminum sheet (pictured) has a unique ability to withstand high temperatures (600 ° C) It can safely bake potatoes or fish right in the coals or on the barbecue.

What can be cooked in foil?

Meat, fish, poultry, minced meat, all kinds of vegetables andeven fruits from cooking in foil become only tastier. Creating a sealed packaging, the hostess thus allows the products to cook in their own juice, so that they are juicy and tender. And the added spices will give the culinary product a piquant taste and a delightful aroma.

To the products do not stick, the hostess needs (alreadynot reflecting on which side to put the foil on a baking sheet) it is obligatory to lubricate it with oil. And do not forget to open the aluminum bag at the end of the cooking, so that the chicken or fish are covered with a ruddy crust.

how to put foil on a baking sheet

How to choose a foil?

Before you put the foil on a baking tray, you need to select it. But how?

Do not try to choose a sheet thicker when buying. It, as a rule, happens rigid and inconvenient for use and is necessary only for cooking on coals.

For an ideal foil, there are basic indicators: it is sturdy, but it is thin, easily holds its shape, does not tear and folds well. However, for insurance, when preparing, for example, meat with bones, it is worth using two layers of foil.

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