Why are towels after washing in the machine hard? Washing Tips

After purchasing terry towels, eachwants to enjoy their softness for a long time. Unfortunately, often there is a situation when after a small amount of washing such products lose their tenderness. This is the result of improper care for them. Why are towels after washing in the machine rigid? How to properly wash and dry them? Is it possible to restore the lost softness and tenderness of the product? The answers to these and other questions can be found below in the article.

Why are towels after washing in the machine rigid?

Any housewife knows that a quality wash of terry products is a difficult process. After all, so want at the same time to keep their original softness.

how to wash towels
If you consider this towel, usingmagnifying glass, it will be seen that the terry article consists of loop-like villi. They give the fabric softness and elasticity and allow it to absorb moisture well. If the towels are not properly tended, these loops stop to keep in shape. As a consequence, once soft and delicate terry product becomes stiff and poorly absorbs moisture.

The tissue structure is damaged due to the useimproperly selected detergent, incorrect washing and drying. Also, terry products lose their softness due to interaction with hard water.

Now you know why towels after washing in the machine are stiff. It's time to talk about the proper care of such products.

Pre-soaking terry towels

How to wash a terry towel, if it is strongcontaminated? In this case, the pre-soaking phase will help. This procedure will contribute to better removal of various spots. And the vinegar added to the water will keep the structure of the towel soft and gentle.

why the towels after washing in the machine are hard
The proportions of the preparation of the solution are as follows: 15-20 milliliters of vinegar per 1 liter of warm water. In addition, this soaking of towels helps to remove even hard-to-remove stains, for example from solidol.

Basic rules for washing terry towels

The basic tips for washing terry products are as follows:

  • It is recommended to use special linen or mesh bags so that the towels do not rub against the drum of the washing machine.
  • It is necessary to separate the white products from the colored ones in order to avoid molting. Modern dyes, although they are resistant, but sometimes it happens that light towels are subjected to accidental staining.

how to wash a terry towel

  • It is not recommended to wash terry towels with products that are decorated with metal or plastic elements. These hard parts can damage the pile.
  • Do not wash the soaked towel. It must be dried beforehand. Otherwise, there may be a musty smell. If such an unpleasant odor has already arisen, it is recommended to ventilate the towel in the fresh air for several hours, and then wash it in the usual way.

Choosing the right detergent for washing

The main mistake in caring for terry thingsis the use of improper detergents. It is strictly forbidden to use inexpensive washing powder. "Tide", "Ariel" and other advertised funds also do not fit. After all, the particles of powdery substances are clogged into the fibers of the fabric and make the mahru rigid.

To wash such towels, you should choose liquid detergents in the form of gels. They are well washed out of threaded loops, of which the terry products consist, without leading to their rigidity.

terry towels
If you do not have the opportunity to use a liquid product, then at the end of washing the towel should be thoroughly rinsed.

Do not use bleach while caring forterry products. After all, such a tool also penetrates deep into the fabric and gives it excessive stiffness. How to wash towels that are heavily soiled? It is better to use ammonia or household soap by applying one of these funds directly to the stain before washing. After a certain time, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse out the thing in warm water. And only after this start the machine wash.

Choosing the right program for washing terry towels

When choosing a washing machine program, the following recommendations should be used:

  • The optimum water temperature is 30-40 ° C. The maximum allowed is 60 ° C. Before washing, be sure to pay attention to the label, which indicates the recommended washing parameters.

how to make towels soft after washing

  • Pressing terry products is recommended forlow speeds - from 500 to 700 per minute. You can even opt out of this option. This will only extend the life of the towels. If intensive spinning is used, the fibers of the mahr become stretched, cease to hold their shape and, consequently, no longer cope with their functions.
  • Strongly not recommendedeconomical washing modes, because when choosing such programs, the machine uses a limited amount of water throughout the entire working cycle. Terry products can absorb a large amount of moisture. If the water is not enough, the towels will become stiff and may even decrease in size. For the same reason, do not load the drum machine more than 2/3. It is recommended to install at least three rinses. Water in this process must be present in sufficient quantities. It is under such conditions that the detergent residues will be removed, and terry towels will eventually remain soft and fluffy.

Use of rinse aid

Another way to make towels soft after washing is to use a rinse conditioner. This means restores the structure of the fabric and makes the terry products softer to the touch.

The important thing is the right choicerinse aid. You should choose the remedy, which includes silicone. And do not need to use a lot of air conditioning. After all, in this case, he will cover every fiber of the towel, which will reduce the hygroscopicity of the terry product.

You can also rinse the towels after washing in an acetic solution. This, too, will give them softness.

How to dry terry products correctly?

Above were the tips for washing, following which, you can keep the terry things soft and fluffy. However, one more important process is the drying of such products.

Before you hang the towels dry, it is recommended that you shake each one well. This will help the mahry eyebrows to take the right shape.

Terry products do not like direct sunlight. After drying in such conditions, they become stiff, and to restore towels in this case will be extremely difficult.

washing powder tide
The softest terry products will remain afterdrying in the fresh air. They need to be hung in a shady place. If it is windy, it will be an additional plus. After all, the wind will quickly remove the towels from the remaining moisture and will not worsen the properties of the fabric. With this method of drying, you need to make sure that things do not dry out.

If there is no possibility to hang towels in the open air, then in the apartment the best place for this will be the bathroom. After all, the humidity in this room is higher than in the rest of the rooms.

If there is a special machine for drying, you should definitely use it. When using such a device, the towels remain soft and gentle.

Terry things do not like if they are ironed. After all, the shape of the loops changes, they become crumpled. As a result, the towel becomes stiff. It is recommended to replace the iron with a steamer.

How to restore a towel that has become stiff?

To restore terry products, there are several ways:

  • Strong towel is recommended to wash moreonce, following the above tips. Water is recommended to be softened using special tablets for washing machines or hand-washing capsules. Then you need to lower the product in a solution of table salt for at least 40 minutes. This will have a beneficial effect on the fibers of the mahr and spread them out. After the specified time, it is necessary to wring out the towel by hand, shake well and dry it.

washing tips

  • Terry product that has lost its softness andfluffiness, should be soaked in plenty of cold water for the whole night. In the morning, the towel should be rinsed and dried. Clean water will help remove the detergent residue, which led to coarsening of the product.
  • Strong towel is recommended to steam off. A stream of hot, moist air will return the mahry eyelets to its original state.


Why are towels after washing in the machine rigid? The reason for this may be a number of factors. The softness of terry items is influenced by the process of washing, drying, ironing, choosing a detergent and conditioner. There are several ways that can help restore the properties of coarse tissue. If you follow the recommendations given in the article when towels are handled, the terry products will remain soft, soft and fluffy throughout the life of the product.

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