Ironing board Gimi - assistant hostess

Each hostess wants to have the most convenientobjects of everyday life, which have to be used constantly. Especially it concerns such laborious process as ironing after washing. In this indispensable assistant can be an ironing board Gimi. This is a whole series of household appliances made by the Italian company Gimi S.P.A. Ironing boards are the key direction of this manufacturer. This article describes the description and advantages of the Gimi series.

General description of Gimi boards

Currently, the manufacturer presents a variety of options for boards, which can be installed both on the table and on the floor. Products are divided according to their intended purpose into the following categories:

  • frequent application - Prestige model, intended for stationary installation;
  • professional irons - for the constant and repeated ironing of bed linen the best choice is the Gimi Golden board;
  • compact - a series of Jean and Classic, having a length of just one hundred and ten centimeters, perfectly suitable for small rooms, and a small Junior;
  • for fast ironing - the boards of Trim and Eden, simple and compact;
  • for ironing tablecloths and sheets the Gimi Advance ironing board with an exclusive side system that extends by thirty-seven centimeters, as well as wide Unico and Mitico, is suitable;
  • with a retractable undergarment - this innovation can boast models of Poker and Prisma.

A useful addition to the boards is the sale of accessories: multicolored I Love Gimi cases, Stiro Strong titanium covers, as well as thermal covers.

Gimi boards have a wide range of models in which the landlady with any needs will be able to choose an accessory for her taste, analyzing prices, colors, functionality.

Models with two shelves

The Italian manufacturer took care of the diversity of its products, and the Gimi ironing board has the following models with two shelves - for laundry (pull-out) and iron:

  1. Prisma. Working area - metal mesh, the base is equipped with an eccentric for adjustment and reinforced with a stiffener. There is a removable cover made of cotton.
  2. Unico. The main advantage of this model can be with certainty called a large working surface with a size of 122 cm by 38 cm.
  3. Poker. This metal height-adjustable board is not equipped with an outlet, which is compensated for by ease when carrying. There is an eccentric.
  4. Eden. The model is equipped with a shelf for laundry, built-in from below under the work surface, the height is adjustable.
  5. Prestige. Board with large dimensions of the working area with a shelf for underwear built in below.
  6. Mitico. The board has a fairly large dimensions, which are 126 by 45 by 90 cm, but when folded, it decreases almost twice in size. The base is made of steel pipe.

ironing board gimi

The boards have a strong metal base,are sufficiently stable and reliable, are regulated in height for ease of use by the owner of any growth. The most popular of these devices - ironing board Gimi Prisma, reviews about which there are only positive.

Compact models without shelves for clothes

In addition to the dimensional boards are available in the line andSmall models, convenient for use in small rooms. They do not require much space in the unfolded state and do not need a large storage space. The base is adjustable in height to ninety centimeters, made of an oval pipe, which gives it additional stability. The working surface is patented and made of a metal mesh that freely passes through steam when the laundry is stripped off. The models are as follows:

  1. Classic. Cover - natural cotton, small and comfortable. For the iron is provided a removable shelf, which, if necessary, can easily be removed and installed again.
  2. Junior. The basis of steel, compact size. With this board, if necessary, carrying even a miniature woman can handle - the weight of the device is only four and a half kilograms. The shelf for the iron is advanced.
  3. Trim. Inexpensive board, fully corresponding to its price category, is the leader in sales.

ironing board gimi reviews

Table top Gimi ironing board

Reviews of this stand-alone mansion model enthusiastic mistresses. The name is Pollicino. Available in a variety of colors and has the following advantages:

  • versatility - uses minimal space, is easy to use, suitable for ironing large items, working area dimensions - 73 by 32 cm;
  • practicality and lightness - thanks to the design it is convenient to store, it can even be hung on a hook, and the weight is only 1.27 kg;
  • base is a metal painted pipe;
  • surface - a strong electrically welded mesh covered with a 100% cotton cover with an embedded moltone liner;
  • stable and strong;
  • compact - the height in the decomposed state is thirteen centimeters, and in its folded dimensions - 32 by 73.5 by 2 cm.

ironing board gimi prisma reviews

When choosing Gimi S.P.A products, you can be sure that working with them will be comfortable and reliable. After all, these products are of European quality and functionality.

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