How to wash sneakers in a washing machine? Recommendations

Today, sneakers are for everyday shoes,which people are used to wearing without removing. They are very convenient for everyday walks on the street, and for sports. There are cases when Western managers use them as office shoes. Because of the frequent use of sneakers, especially white, quickly lose their appearance. Then the owner faces a problem: how to wash sneakers in a washing machine? And can it be done?

how to wash sneakers in a washing machine

Is the risk justified?

Modern sneakers are a synthesis of the solefrom rubber, more often from foam, and the top part which is executed from a synthetic material, a leatherette, less often from a skin. Therefore, any mechanical action in combination with a chemical is a risky business.

Often, after washing the shoes in the car, they significantly change their appearance. Also, there are cases when the shoes just get unstuck, and it has to be thrown away.

However, such situations can be avoided if you follow several rules. Therefore, before washing the sneakers in a washing machine, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the following features.

Preparation for washing

This stage can not be avoided. Of course, before you wash the white sneakers (however, like any other), you need to carefully prepare them. To begin with, they must be washed. Rid the sole of dirt, chewing gum, stuck stones. Such garbage can clog the water pump in the washing machine, as a result of which it will fail. To facilitate this procedure, it is recommended to pre-soak the shoes in warm water.

how to wash your sneakers correctly
After carrying out such activities, you canstart washing the sneakers in an automatic unit. Before you load shoes into the car, take out the insole, laces. All this must be washed separately.

How to wash your sneakers correctly

Pack your shoes in a specially designed bagfor washing. In the event that this was not at hand, you can put a pair of towels in the machine drum to the sneakers, which will soften the excess vibration when washing.

Do not load more than 2 pairs of shoes at the same time, as the glass door can be damaged by sneakers when pressed.

Before washing the sneakers in a washingmachine, take care of the presence of liquid powder. This kind of household chemicals is better soluble in water and practically does not leave a divorce (unlike a conventional powder).

how to wash white sneakers

It is necessary to wash the sneakers in a warmwater, the temperature of which should not be more than 40 degrees. Due to the effect of high temperature, the sole can become unstuck. It is strictly forbidden to use spinning or drying. This can lead to deformation of the shoe.

Drying is best in a natural way. In summer, the sneakers will quickly dry under the sun on the balcony. In winter, you can resort to a radiator or a stationary battery.

We think that after reading this article alreadyno one will be wondering how to wash sneakers in a washing machine. And remember - everything is done at your own peril and risk, since manufacturers recommend only mechanical cleaning.

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