The color of bed linen: the details of the right choice

Each hostess tries to make her bedroomroom is comfortable and cozy. For this, sometimes a lot of effort is expended, the best and most expensive bedding is bought, stylistics is carefully observed, but the feeling of dissatisfaction still remains. And all because the choice of bed linen does not take into account the importance of colors and drawings on products, as well as their influence on the human subconscious.

Discover the secrets of Feng Shui art

Based on the rules of such ancient art,as "Feng Shui", you can pick up the perfect bed linen, which will bring comfort, tranquility and harmony to your home. However, an unprepared and ignorant buyer will find it difficult to follow the laws of this direction. It is important to learn a lot of nuances and take into account all the recommendations. Let's try to figure this out.

Feng Shui gives great importance to color. So, a bedroom of small dimensions will visually appear larger and look more comfortable if it has linen of soft, pastel shades. Accordingly, in a spacious room you can safely use bright and dark versions of bedding.

However, one must be cautious, because the dark blueor a black bed can adversely affect the moral well-being of a person. Even after a single night on such a bed you can feel yourself not at all rested, but broken and listless. Similarly, not suitable for everyday rest and red linens, which symbolizes passion and activity.

With strictness, Feng Shui refers to the drawings. Duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets can be with different images, but they should not be used daily. Animals prints look unusual, but on a spiritual level carry a hidden danger. The same applies to images of water, hieroglyphics and stripes.

Bed linen for couples

Couples who have lived together for a long time orbetween the partners the spiritual connection has disappeared, they will feel a flood of new feelings on the bed-clothes of the emerald, honey hue. Do not harm in this case, and the violet color, which arouses romanticism, tenderness, returns to the relationship of sincerity.

Great looking and suitable for couplessets of dark colors with a silky hue, with a lace decor or floral motifs. For fans of something original, satin 3D bed linen is ideal, a rich selection of which is available on the website of the manufacturer "Batuk Textiles" Extraordinarily soft and gentle - from the first touch it gives pleasant sensations.

In general, the choice of bed linen greatly depends onindividual preferences of each buyer and most often based on their own desires and feelings. It is believed that buying bedding should be when you have a good mood, and do not bother with bad thoughts. Only in this case, the choice will be really right, and buying will bring real pleasure!

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