Thomas's heel - a guarantee of the correct gait of your baby

Should children's shoes be requiredto have a Thomas heel, because it is an essential element, or is it a marketing move that allows manufacturers to inflate the price of a model? Modern doctors say that such heels are necessary not only for medical purposes, but also for the prevention of orthopedic diseases.

Thomas Heel

Barefoot or in orthopedic shoes?

Comfortable shoes made according to all rules arereliable support for both children's and adult feet. But if adult orthopedic shoes are sewn to order or purchased in specialized stores strictly according to the doctor's prescription, children's models are produced, as a rule, taking into account the recommendations of orthopedists. That is, the heel of Thomas is their integral part.

During the period of active foot formationOrthopedic footwear is recommended to be worn constantly during walks and at home. However, this does not mean that you should give up walking barefoot. Grass, small pebbles, soft sand - very useful surfaces for the development of healthy gait and excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

What does Thomas's orthopedic heel look like?

What it is? The photo of the transformed form of the habitual heel, which has an elongation on the inside of the sole, will give a clear idea of ​​this design, which later it will be impossible to not find out, choosing a model of shoes for the child.

heel of tomas what is this photo

With the growth of the baby on his legs have allhuge pressure. Active pastime, running and jumping strengthen it. The role of the classic heel is to support the heel, while the special feature of the orthopedic version is to strengthen the foot and protect it from piling in. This is made possible by the uniform distribution of the load over the entire length of the foot.

Any solid surface (concrete floor, asphalt,earth) creates a hard contact and harms the spine and heels of a small child. The Thomas heel is equipped with a shock absorber, which makes the impact loads less tangible during running and jumping.

Features of orthopedic footwear for children

Orthopedic footwear should correspond to the following indicators:

  • high back, covering the ankle and augmented with thick skin or a special insert to reliably fix the position of the foot and ankle;
  • The heel should be wide and stable, elongated from the inside to protect the foot from stalling inward (orthopedic heel of Thomas);
  • springy and elastic sole should have an artificial roll, ensuring the formation of a correct gait;
  • increased completeness and high lifting of orthopedic shoes, providing the possibility of using orthopedic parts for investing in the shoe;
  • the absence of seams inside the product made of natural materials (leather, suede and so on).
    heel heel it

Caring for children's legs

The baby's foot is the concentration of receptors, soorthopedic specialists attach great importance to the child's walking barefoot, but not on a hard surface that is capable of causing harm, but on soft and loose material. Therefore, shoes that have Thomas's heel are needed even as a home-made option. But grass, sand and smooth pebbles are a panacea for flat feet.

How to prevent winter, when the babymost of the time is in the room? In the cold season, small smooth stones can be placed in a basin filled with warm water, and to teach the child to stamp on them, fingering them. This is recommended daily.

Another useful game: scattered pencils baby should be collected from the floor and put back into the box with the help of the toes. Such fun can be done using buttons of different sizes.

heel tomas отзывы

Rating of manufacturers of orthopedic footwear for children

Parents liked some companies,who produce children's shoes that have Thomas's heel. Reviews about them are extremely positive. Based on the opinion of caring parents we will compile a small list of brands that take care of tender children's legs. Here are some of them:

  1. "Ortek" (Ortek) - the most in demandmanufacturer of orthopedic footwear in Russia. The popularity of their products is determined by the close cooperation of the creators of footwear with doctors, including the most famous Moscow research institutes and clinics. The company's factories are located in China.
  2. "Totto" is a trademark of a Russian company from St. Petersburg. It has an excellent value for money and, thanks to its availability, weariness and modern design, is loved by buyers.
  3. "Sursil-Ortho" (Sursil-Ortho) to develop their ownmodels actively attracts eminent orthopedists from the Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Arthrology FPK MP PFUR. At the factories of the company located in Russia, children's shoes are made exclusively from natural materials.

The baby's foot, like plasticine, is soft and supple. If you take time to correct problems, then up to ten years the child can fix almost any pathology of the foot. The main thing is not to be late and treat attentively all, even unobtrusive violations.

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