Is it possible to transport the refrigerator lying: how to do it correctly?

Moving from one house to another is always a matterIt's not easy, and sometimes we come across a number of questions that we do not know the exact answers. For example, is it possible to transport a refrigerator lying down, in which to transport it and so on. If you do something wrong, then you risk breaking this household equipment.

can I transport the refrigerator lying
On the question of whether it is possible to transport a refrigeratorlying, there is one correct answer - no. Maybe everything is not so categorical, but still this answer is the most correct, although there are also cases when the rules should be neglected.

In order to transport this household appliance,it is better to hire a special vehicle, where it will rise vertically. It is still permissible to transport the refrigerator chamber under a slight slope, the angle of which should not exceed 35-40 degrees.

In case of incorrect transportation from place to placesome of its parts may be damaged: a breakage of the tubes, damage to the compressor, breaking of fastenings and so on. In this case, you will get even more expenses than if you immediately transported it according to all the rules, because repairs can do in a tidy sum.

Before you transport the refrigerator, itsbe sure to defrost and wash. From it you need to remove all the shelves and drawers, trays, in general, everything that can be removed from it. Be sure to carefully twist the cord to avoid damaging it during transport.

We also recommend that you read the instructions that were attached to the equipment when you bought it, perhaps there will be some additional recommendations.


Is it possible to transport the refrigerator lying down? Of course, it is better to avoid such actions, because it is dangerous. But if you transport it for short distances, it is still possible, but it is better to go along a good road without pits, so that the refrigerator does not shake again, and he remained unharmed.

First of all, you need to pack it. Do this very carefully, so as not to damage its surface. For packaging, foam, cardboard, air bubble film and other similar materials can be used. When choosing a fabric, rely on the distance of the trip. The longer the distance, the more "softer" your refrigerator should be packed.

Be sure to lock the doors withadhesive tape, adhesive tape, soft straps, stretch film, so that it does not open during transportation. It is very important to secure the refrigerator in the car. This is done so that he does not move from his place and does not fall.

how to transport a refrigerator
After you brought your refrigeratorhome appliances to the destination, pull it out of the body very carefully and lift to the floor with a freight elevator or manually. It is undesirable to carry such household appliances in a normal elevator, because it is too narrow, and you can damage the packaging, in addition, it is not designed for heavy weight, and this can be life threatening.

When the refrigerator was in place, do not rushunpack it, and especially do not turn it on, allow it to stand for 5 hours, so that its surface warms up to room temperature, and oil the glass into the compressor. This is especially important if the street is cold during the year.

Now you know the exact answer to the question of whether it is possible to transport the refrigerator lying down and how to do it correctly. Now you can safely continue your preparations for the move.

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