Shoes for dogs - is it worth buying them?

Not so long ago we did not hear about such aaccessory - shoes for dogs. But now they are quite popular, especially among pet owners of small sizes. After all, a large dog has less sensitive paw pads than its small counterpart. The latter injure them more with long walks along the urban asphalt. Many people believe that shoes are more needed not for dogs, but for their owners, in order to impress others. But it is not so.

shoes for dogs

Shoes for dogs perform not so muchaesthetic function, how much protective. Often they are used on the advice of a veterinarian. This accessory is necessary for the animal, for example, when its damaged legs are treated with a medicine. In this case, the dog shoes have a dual purpose: they protect the sick limb from additional injuries on the street and prevent the animals from licking the injured place of the house.

Also the veterinarian can adviseTo buy pet shoes in the winter to protect the pads of the paws from the corrosive effects of chemical reagents, which are sprinkled with sidewalks and roads. Finally, there are small dogs, for example, French bulldogs, which at the same time are too large to cope with the need at home. But at the same time, if there is severe frost in the street and a lot of snow, such limbs are very cold in this pet. The animal can even freeze its paws.

dog shoes
In the winter, clothes and footwear for dogs are irreplaceable, theyprotect them from the cold. When the street is off-season and very dirty, a good decision will be to train your pet for a walk. So in the corridor, room and on the bed there will be no impressions of paws and dirt.

What are they made of?

Standard materials for making footwear foranimals - leather and cloth. And you can also make knitted shoes or order it yourself. Knitted boots for dogs are used at home, if the pet has sick legs. Or to protect a floor covering, for example, a parquet from scratches left by claws of a large dog. Variety of styles and styles in pet stores will please any, even the most refined owner.

clothes and shoes for dogs
You need to buy this item after fitting, soas the sizes of footwear for dogs a little - only five. But her models there is a huge variety, and each animal individually. Therefore, it is better to try the shoes on the dog, in order to avoid problems later. Fasteners on footwear for animals are usually made, as well as on children's, using Velcro or zippers. Of course, winter boots are different from summer shoes. The first should be dense and multilayered, and their outer layer - waterproof.

How to teach a dog to shoes

It is advisable to do this when your dog is stillyoung (puppy). Then the training will be carried out simultaneously with the training of the baby to wear a collar and leash. But if you bought shoes for a dog of an older age, too, it does not matter. It is necessary to accustom the animal gradually, begin to do it at home. When you put an accessory on a dog, it will try to get rid of it. It is necessary to distract the animal caress, play, delicacy, then it will forget about shoes. Usually the process of training does not take much time. Soon your pet will appreciate how comfortable it is when the paws are dry and always warm.

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