Electric fly swatter - your indispensable assistant in the battle with flies!

What do you think, when you fly into the roomimportunate fly, and if there are already a dozen of them? Surely you start to think about where your cracker is, and blood stains on the walls, furniture ... You are tired of doing spring cleaning every time after the battle with the flies? Then you can come to the aid of a miracle of modern technology and inventions - an electrical fly swatter! You will destroy these pests with one wave of your hand.

Electric fly swatter

The electric flyback looks likebadminton racket. There is a handle with a secret lid, behind which are hidden two finger batteries. There are also models that run on the built-in battery, which is charged from the network. The upper round part is equipped with a three-layer grid of metal rods, the voltage is transferred through them. Electric flywheel is very convenient and harmless to use.

Principle of operation

You just swing a fly swatter towardsflying fly, while pressing and holding the button on the handle. As soon as the insect touches the grid, it will receive a shock with a current discharge, and you will hear a characteristic click. Thus, the electric fly swatter can hit not only annoying flies, but also mosquitoes, wasps, mosquito and other insects. Thanks to the large working surface, at once you can destroy several flying pests at once.

electric flywheel

It should be noted that this device does not workuses no chemical means, does not leave marks from flies on walls, ceiling or clothes. The surface of the mesh is enough to wipe with a brush (water in no case it is impossible!) And it is ready to serve you again.


The widest application of electric fly swatteracquired in everyday life. It will become an indispensable assistant in the fight against flying insects, when you are on the street, indoors or at home, in the country. You will forever forget about how to use "Dichlophos" with an unpleasant smell, newspapers or magazines as improvised means.

electric fly swatter reviews

In the handle is mounted a flashlight, which can beapply both in the kit, and separately from the fly swatter. A beautiful package is a zippered bag that will make a pleasant surprise to friends and present this device as an original gift.

It is important to add that the electric flywheel emits a current discharge, safe for humans, and therefore it can be given to children from 5 years of age. For this purpose, special models have been invented.

It is possible to describe many advantages of thismiracle equipment, but it is always important to know the opinions of those who have already experienced it in the work and can say that it is an electric fly swatter. Sometimes people's comments will make you smile. Someone used the fly swatter for its intended purpose and was satisfied, and someone treated it like a gambling and fascinating game "catching flies". The result was the same: the room was completely cleared of obsessive insects.

Get this fly swatter, and you can enjoy all the charm of life without annoying flying and biting insects.

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