Why does sweet sleep depend?

There are many opinions on choosing a bedlinen. Some tie him to the bedroom design, others, to the character and age of the person, the third, to the quality of the laundry. And yet, what kind of clothes to choose? A man sleeps until eight o'clock and the next day depends on how he sleeps. In this matter, all the details from the pillow, blankets to bed linen are important.

What are the characteristics of the kit? The main sign, linens should "breathe". What does it mean? The material must perfectly absorb moisture and have excellent airflow. Such characteristics are suitable for natural fabrics: silk, linen, cotton.
A set of natural silk is not cheap. But it is beautiful to the touch, has a shine, durable, has good throughput for air and humidity.
The brand for today is underwear fromcotton. These include: cambric, calico, calico, biomatin, ranforce, satin. All varieties of cotton are of varying density and quality. And because of how dense the fabric depends on the period of its service. Increasingly, polyester is added to cotton fabric, from this the strength of the fabric increases, but the basic properties, the naturalness of the material, are lost. Since synthetic material is added to the fabric, it easily electrifies, adheres to the body. And here baby bedding it is better to buy from satin. Linen is soft and soft, has excellent hygienic qualities. The child under him feels comfortable.
The most durable material is flax. It looks great after a lot of washing, does not cause allergies, environmentally friendly. Flax retains warmth in winter and cool in summer.
The second sign can be considered the strength of the fabric, since the bed is often in the wash. Using a soft and thin material, quickly lead to its uselessness.
The third sign is the quality of the dye. Substandard paints make a thing after washing faded, and arouse allergies.
When choosing a kit, you should pay attention tomanufacturer. The standards of domestic, American, European countries are different. Therefore, you must choose the laundry that fits the dimensions of your blanket, pillowcases, beds. The sizes are written on the package.
By design, the sets of laundry are also different. For example, blankets with holes in the middle are very rare. Basically, pockets are made with a slit in width or length. The processing of the slotted pocket can be on zippers, buttons, buttons or tied on ribbons. The form of pillowcases can be in the form of a rectangle, a square and have different fasteners. Usually they are identical to duvet covers. Sheets are produced in plain linen or on an elastic band.
Bed linen sets are divided into twospecies. The first kind is when the underwear is used daily. The second kind is gift kits. The latter is distinguished by a more expensive fabric, beautiful finish, fine workmanship. Such kits are expensive, but they can withstand no more than fifty washes.

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