Slippers made of sheep's wool. Slippers: prices, photos

After a long working day, it's so nice to put it downfeet in warm, soft slippers. On the one hand, it would seem, what difference, you can also barefoot, and in socks. But if you want to rest your feet, then the option is better than slippers from sheep's wool, it's problematic to find.

slippers made of sheep's wool

Slippers. What is she like?

Material for slippers can be natural orartificial. Shoes made of artificial materials, despite the fact that it has a low cost, can be convenient, while easy, have a variety of design. Only it is worth considering the fact that the skin of the legs in such shoes will not breathe. This will bring discomfort to their owner.

But home slippers made of natural material provide comfort to the feet, since they freely let in air, and the skin can breathe.

When choosing a model, it is worth considering the fact thatfootwear without a back is perfect for rest only. But during the execution of some cases on the household is better to wear closed sneakers to protect themselves from injuries.

It is worth remembering that it's better to change your home shoes every half year or to buy 2-3 pairs of shoes and change them periodically.

Natural wool

Sheep wool is a material that hasgreat demand in the footwear market. This is due to the fact that it has unique properties that have been proven for centuries. From time immemorial people use sheep's wool to get rid of back pain, from dental or headache. To do this, the healing piece was applied to a harassing place.

Many remember that in order to stifle the pain in the wrist or ankle, it is necessary to tie them with a woolen thread.


And long ago, children who were born before the term, were put on sheep's wool.

Footwear made of wool

Needless to say, slippers made from sheep's wool, as well as socks, help improve blood circulation, promote vasodilation, and stabilize blood pressure in hypertension.

Fibers fit tightly to the skin and constantlymassage it, acting on the nerve endings, improving the general condition of a person. Especially beneficial pile of sheep's wool affects the blood circulation, which maintains normal blood pressure throughout the body.

Lanolin, which is contained in the wool of sheep, isanimal wax. At a temperature equal to the human body, it begins to dissolve, after which it is freely absorbed into the skin and has a positive effect on joints, spine, muscle and respiratory systems. When you wear slippers from sheep's wool, natural stimulation of blood circulation occurs, tension in muscles is removed, and this, in turn, guarantees a healthy and calm sleep.

The structure of natural sheep's wool is veryIt is complex, it has a huge number of air cavities. Due to this, the sheepskin is able to absorb up to 45% moisture, and itself to remain completely dry. For the human body, this is of great benefit, since the feet are warmed by dry heat.

Slippers made of sheep's wool. So are they good?

Let's consider all advantages of slippers from natural sheepskin:

  1. Convenient. They are very comfortable and pleasant to wear.
  2. Warming "without getting wet." In sheepskin there is a natural ventilation, due to which excess moisture goes away. For the feet, this is of great importance. In addition, it is also comfortable when the skin does not sweat.
  3. It is not hot in summer, it is not cold in winter.
  4. Slippers from natural sheep wool are hypoallergenic.

In addition, home slippers made of sheepskin have a stylish appearance.

For example, you can choose:

  • High slippers-wagons made of sheep's wool.
  • Low slippers with a back. They have different colors.
  • Felted sneakers without a back. This model is convenient for everyday use.

Male and female, adults and children: what's the difference?

Men's models differ from women's by their restraint in design. Slippers for a weak half of humanity have a different color design, some even with the original print.

home made slippers from sheep's wool

Children's products differ from adults onlysize. However, it should be noted that home slippers for the child should be selected especially carefully. Feet is a part of the body that needs constant attention. Especially if the baby's legs are sweating. Do not think that slippers are needed only in the winter. In the warm season, the child runs barefoot on the floor, and if in some rooms the floor is cold (for example, the tiled floor in the kitchen), then there is always a risk of getting sick.

Sheepskin slippers are suitable for the baby, becausein winter they perfectly warm, in the summer they do not allow the legs to sweat, they do not slip, they are trained simply and quickly, but they sit firmly on the child's leg. In addition, sheep wool is hypoallergenic.

How to choose what you need?

The main thing - when buying slippers from sheepskin to be sure that this is a natural material. For this you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The color of the fur. Natural sheep wool has a soft creamy color, artificial - it is distinguished by a gray shade.
  2. Condition of the coat. The real sheepskin is fluffy and dense, the artificial material has a more delicate structure, with mechanical impact on it the fur will crumble.
  3. Smell. The product made of non-natural material has a distinct specific odor.
  4. Condition of seams. The real sheepskin does not stretch, but in another case - on the slippers you can find the thread.
  5. When purchasing slippers from natural fur, a manual for the care of a wool product is required.
  6. The prices for forgery are much lower. The cost of natural slippers from quality wool is unlikely to be less than 1000 rubles.

slippers made of natural sheep's wool

And you can make slippers in the washing machine

If you still have doubts that you will get high-quality shoes, you can make slippers from sheep's wool with your own hands. And such a gift can be presented to family or close friends.

To produce the product, one hundred percent wool without synthetic content is required.

First, slippers must be linked with the fact thatAfter washing, the wool not only falls, but also sits down. To guess 100%, how much the product will shrink is impossible, it depends on the thread. You need to focus on the average indicator - wool products shrink by one-third. Slippers sit longer than wide.

Before you send shoes to the washingmachine, it is prepared to ensure that the finished sneakers do not become flat and do not fall inside. For this purpose, a bag is sewn on the inside. It should be white or transparent, without the presence of drawings. After felting, the threads and the packet are removed.

And then the blanks are sent to the washingmachine and are erased with the addition of a conditioner for clothes in the "Cotton" mode. If this is not the case, then one should be guided by the fact that the longer the slippers fall off, the better the surface becomes wetter, the higher the temperature, the more the product will sit.

A few hours later, the workpiece can not be recognized!

After felting, you can decorate slippers and sew insole so that they do not get dirty and do not slip.

sheep wool slippers

What else is needed?

In addition to slippers made of natural sheep wool, you can purchase various accessories:

  • Insoles made of sheepskin. Such fur insoles are made on the basis of a dense cardboard. They have the effect of acupressure, which contributes to the restoration of healthy blood circulation. This effect is achieved due to the impact on a variety of biologically active points, which are located on the foot.
  • Warm golfs made of natural materials. This product not only envelops the feet in comfort, but also has a positive effect on the microcirculation of blood in the vessels.
  • Socks made of fur are the softest product from natural sheep's wool, which will allow the feet to "breathe freely" and at the same time prevent sweating of feet.

How to care for products made of sheepskin?

Like any wardrobe thing, slippers from sheep's wool need careful care.

They must sometimes be ventilated on freshair, periodically shake. In order to wash the product of natural wool, it is better to give preference to products that do not contain alkali. The care product is dissolved in warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 40oC. After that, slippers are soaked in it.

sheep wool slippers
After they lay down for a while they must be stretched and rinsed.

Dry shoes from sheepskin in the open air, excluding direct sunlight.

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