A convenient and simple adhesive pencil is an indispensable attribute of office stationery

The glue pencil was invented by German specialists of the famous Henkel concern in 1969.

adhesive pencil
The convenience of the invention was quickly evaluatedbuyers, as a result of which it brought tremendous success to the company. Only in that year were sold about a billion glue pencils in 121 states. Since then, consumers have received a quick and clean way of gluing. More than forty years have passed, but office glue-pencil along with handles, pencils, paper clips and other office supplies takes an honorable place. This is facilitated by ease of use, economy, mobility and efficiency of the product.

Adhesive pencil refers to solid types of adhesives. It is designed for gluing cardboard, photographs, paper, textiles. The plastic body-stick is very convenient to use. Its design can be fun, bright, bright and strict. The leak-proof cap is easily closed in one motion with a characteristic click and resists the drying of the glue and the evaporation of moisture. The twisting mechanism of the rod, located in the base, allows you to smoothly twist and unscrew the glue column.

Advantages of the adhesive are obvious:

glue stick

  • quickly dries;
  • easily washed off hands;
  • glues smoothly and reliably;
  • Do not get dirty;
  • leaves no traces;
  • Do not deform the glued surfaces;
  • does not crumble;
  • spends sparingly;
  • dissolves in water.

Due to its chemical properties, the adhesive pencil displaces the clerical silicate glue.

application to textiles
A glue-pencil is applied neatly and evenlyA thin layer, not sprawling beyond the adhesive surface. The consistency of the stick allows you to apply both a narrow line and a wide, across the width of the diameter of the rod. Adhesive properties of glue-pencil appear in half a minute after application of gluten, which allows you to correct the errors in time in the process of binding documents. Quality glue should not contain lumps and clots, otherwise when glued, the paper will be moistened and get a messy appearance, and the rod itself can turn into a viscous substance.

Glue stick. Composition

All gluing pencils are made on the basis ofnon-toxic biopolymer polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) or a solid and colorless substance - polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which are used as thickeners. They glue the same, but the glue with the composition of PVP retains the adhesive properties for longer. As a moisturizer in the composition contains natural glycerin,

glue pencil composition
It provides a long service life of the product and improves the properties of the adhesive. It allows you to easily apply glue a thin layer, minimizing its consumption.

The adhesive pencil does not contain solvents andartificial colors. It is absolutely safe for human health. The optimum concentration of adhesives ensures fast and strong gluing of materials. At the same time, the paper is impregnated evenly and is not wetted. In the colored glue-pencil is added a pigment of red or blue color, which disappears after the adhesive layer has dried. It is clearly visible on paper and helps to apply the product accurately and accurately.

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