Can a dog's overalls be a necessity or a whim of the owners?

When it comes cold, rainy and windyautumn, on the street it becomes uncomfortable not only for the person, but also for our small domestic pets. However, the same inconvenience is experienced by large smooth-haired dog companions. Loving owners go to the store specifically in order to purchase a coverall for a dog.

overalls for dogs

People who do not have and never had dogs,are firmly convinced that if an animal has hair, then it is not afraid of severe frosts, slush and piercing wind. In part, they are right when it comes to wild animals, accustomed to living in harsh environmental conditions.

But if you want your petfelt comfortable on the street in any weather, buy a jacket or overalls for a dog. Believe me, your four-legged loyal friend will be very grateful to you. Of course, he should get used to it, but it will happen quickly, and it will be possible to walk quietly with him even in severe frost.

For someone it may seem surprising, butthe animal perfectly understands that the street was cold, so in time, with pleasure begins to wear all kinds of warm clothes. If your pet is a short-haired breed, then warm winter things are just necessary for him. The fact is that many breeds of dogs were bred in warm countries, where they did not hear of frosty frost. They do not use salt, screenings and various chemical preparations for the destruction of snow, which, getting on the cushions of the paws of the animal, cause irritation and painful sensations.

If you are the owner of Newfoundland, husky, husky ormalamute, then there is no need to purchase a warm overall for a dog. It is quite enough for such animals to pick up clothes without insulation, which will protect them from street dirt, and you do not have to bathe the dog every time after a walk.

buy a coveralls for a dog

If your pet has experienced an operation or is seriously ill, a winter overall for a dog is vitally important to him - after anesthesia, the animal loses its ability to regulate body temperature.

Trying on a clothing store for a dog,that it was not small to your friend, did not constrain his movements. Otherwise, he can reject a new thing and refuse to move, frightened of unusual discomfort. It is most convenient to buy a coverall for a dog without lightning - on Velcro or buttons. This will facilitate the dressing process and will not give the animal pain when the wool accidentally falls into the buckle.

A variety of clothes for dogs -pebbles, sequins - look pretty, but do not forget that your dog is not a doll, it can chew on jewelry, swallow it or just hurt your teeth.

overalls for a dog own hands

Clothing for a dog is not a whim, buta necessity that is caused by many circumstances. Some breeders sometimes find it difficult to buy a suit for their pet. Do not despair, making an excellent overall for a dog with their own hands is not at all difficult. It can be sewn using old, out-of-order jackets or raincoats, and you can also tie it - it all depends on your imagination.

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