Choosing the best curtains for the living room

From time to time, we all want to change somethingin home. You can start cosmetic or major repairs, you can rearrange the furniture or even change it, but most importantly, without which changes are impossible - you need to change the frame of the windows.

curtains for the living room
How to choose beautiful curtains for the living room? This is a room in which the ceremonial atmosphere should reign, a certain solemnity and subtle charm. If your living room is decorated in a classical style - you need heavy silk or velvet curtains, which will look exquisite if you throw them over the cornice.

Curtains for a country house's living room are betterall in the country style, they must necessarily be made of cotton or linen fabric in a flower. Curtains should not distract attention from the scenic view outside the window. In this case, simple curtains are acceptable, which perfectly match the tone of upholstery.

If you decide to select a window, focus onattention, then the curtains for the living room should be bright and catchy. Do not forget about the lighting. Think about when you spend most of your time in the living room. If you are used to resting here during the day, then you better use curtains that are light and transparent, which will fill the living room with natural light and visually expand the space. If you are more likely to meet with family or friends in this room in the evening hours,

curtains in the living room photo
then heavy curtains for the living room of warm shades will be appropriate.

For the manufacture of curtains choose dense andHeavy fabrics that protect well from sunlight. In addition to them, hang thin curtains of tulle or organza, so that during the day nothing would interfere with natural light.

To portiers in the living room pleased you with theirit is necessary to choose the right fabric. Evaluate the shape of the window, take into account the proportions and dimensions of the room. The living room with high ceilings and large light apertures is suitable for classic curtains - long and bulky. For a room with low ceilings, it is better to buy translucent curtains that blend with the color of the adjacent surfaces.

The fabric from which the curtains are made inThe living room should be combined with the general style of the room according to color and texture. For example, if your living room, in which there is antique furniture, is made in a classical style, buy expensive handmade fabric. Do not forget that it should be combined with other textiles in the living room - tablecloths, covers, etc.

curtains in the living room

In modern design, the use ofdifferent types of tissues, which are close in shade, but differ in texture. The former popularity of velvet and velvet comes back. It can not be said that these are the most practical fabrics, but many like decorating in the palace style.

The curtains are attached to the cornice in various ways - withusing eyelets, on loops, ties, curtain tape. Depending on the chosen method of fastening, the curtain will look different in each case.

The curtains in the living room, the photos of which you see in this article, will help you choose your own, actual only for your living room option. The main thing is that they suited you.

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