Is it possible and how to wash soft toys in a washing machine: recommendations

Little children learn the world around themand the task of loving parents is to help them in this. The game - the easiest and most effective way to help kids in this difficult occupation, and toys - their best assistants. Any child likes to tinker, and sometimes to sleep with pleasant to the touch, cheerful and warm soft friends. Only after active games your favorite fuzzy look at times deplorable. Plush bears and fur hares, cats and funny monkeys require proper care and cleaning. Only how to wash soft toys?

how to wash soft toys

The danger hiding in furry childhood friends

Toys are the constant companions of children. And in the kindergarten, and on a visit, and for a walk the kids do not go out without loyal friends. And what kind of game will do without them! Treat porridge or tea, roll in the sand or snow, draw eyes and antennae - which only the kids do not come up with. And many children do not want to part with friends and at night.

At the same time, the soft surface of toys isA beautiful place of accumulation of dust, dirt, mites and germs. What there just does not accumulate! All this can negatively affect the health of the child and cause an allergic reaction.

Children's soft toys need to arrangeperiodically bath days. It all depends on how quickly they get dirty. If a child plays with a plush friend for days on end, then he will have to take care of him constantly. Washing once a month is mandatory for him. If the baby comes to soft toys only occasionally, then they can be washed once or twice a year.

The reasons for compulsory care for soft toys

Toys should be regularly washed, as:

  1. They easily collect dust and dirt.
  2. They are an excellent breeding and habitat for microorganisms and dust mites.
  3. There is a possibility of allergies.

Methods for cleaning soft toys

There are several ways to purify your favorite children's toys:

  • using a dry cleaning;
  • using soap foam;
  • washing in the washing machine.

Is it possible to wash soft toys in a washing machine?

Very often parents worry about safetythe original kind of toys and do not erase them. This is a big mistake. Knowing how to erase soft toys, you can not worry, because a beloved friend will remain intact and unharmed.

how to wash soft toys in a washing machine

In order to understand whether it is possible and how to wash soft toys in a washing machine, study their main characteristics:

  • The size. Make sure that the toy can fit in the machine. Otherwise, you will have to choose another type of cleaning.
  • The presence of small parts. If the pussy has beads, balls and other small things, then it's better to cut them first. If the details are too much, and the toy can lose its appearance, then choose another cleaning option.
  • Filler. Be sure to determine what the toy is full of. Most often the manufacturer uses sintepon, cotton wool, sawdust, fluff and foam rubber. Different fillers react differently to moisture. For example, sintepon and foam rubber are not afraid, but sawdust and other natural materials can deteriorate.
  • The presence of an electronic mechanism. Try to extract the equipment so as not to spoil the toy.
  • The quality of the upper material. The manufacturer can use a variety of fabrics,fur, yarn or anything else. The material can react differently to water. So, natural fur will deteriorate, and some types of fabrics can shrink.

Is it possible to wash soft toys in a typewriter?

Everything you need

What you need to cook for washing:

  • mild detergent - children's laundry detergent or baby soap;
  • scissors, thread;
  • a bag for washing things (you can use an ordinary tissue bag or pillowcase).

We erase!


  • Examine the labels on the toy. You need to find out if you can wash soft toys in a typewriter. The manufacturer always indicates ways of possible cleaning of the products.
  • First, you need to check a soft friend for the presence of electrical mechanisms. All pishchalki and talkers must be removed beforehand. To do this, gently open or rinse the toy in the least noticeable place and remove the mechanism.
  • Inspect the toy carefully. If she has plastic parts ordecorations, it is better to remove them. After cleansing, you can easily sew or paste them back. It will be much more difficult to explain to the kid what happened to his friend, why he suddenly began to mow in one eye or completely lost it.
  • Put a soft friend in a fabric or special bag for washing. This device will help you protect the toy and the machine from additional damage. The machine can also suffer from falling into it of soft fluffy villi.
  • In accordance with the manufacturer's advice, select the washing mode. If the label has been cut long ago, do not despair. Most toys are perfectly suitable for delicate washing. Choose a temperature of 30 degrees - and you can be sure that the soft friend is clean. However, keep in mind that dust mites die only at a temperature of at least 60 degrees.
  • Pay attention to the fact that it is better to wash soft toys with a washing machine without spinning. This will help keep the shape of a soft friend. Try to dry it thoroughly with a towel. If the toy indicates that you can wash it with squeezing, then use additional rinse. This will help wash the remains of the powder from the fuzzy.

Whether it is possible to wash soft toys in washing

  • When choosing a detergent, it is better to stop on a baby powder or shavings from baby soap. In addition, you can use the conditioner for washing baby clothes. It will help to maintain the softness and volume of the product.
  • If you are afraid that the color of a soft friend may change, then add a little (half a teaspoon) of citric acid to the detergent department.


If with how to wash soft toys inwashing machine, now all more or less clear, then the question of how to properly dry them, is still open. Teddy bears and bunnies (and their other companions) should be dried in a warm, well-ventilated room. This will help keep the toys fresh. Otherwise, the product may begin to emit an unpleasant smell of dampness.

can I wash soft toys

Toys made of synthetic materials are best driedon a flat surface, for example on the floor. A product of a large size is best dried by hanging it on a rope. And for such toys it is better to choose a warm season, ideally - to transfer the process to daylight saving time. Periodically shake the toy. Whipping the filler, you can keep it in its original form.

How to wash soft toys made of natural materials

Once again, we draw your attention to: before washing, study the composition of the toy. It can be found on the label or try to determine by yourself to the touch. It will help you to understand, whether it is possible to erase soft toys. So, products from synthetic materials are not afraid of machine washing. With natural tissues, you need to be pointed. Flax and wool, for example, sit down. Therefore, it is better to dry them or use a usual soap foam. After washing, the toy must be thoroughly rinsed in cool water to remove any remains of powder or soap. After the soft friend dries, gently stretch it to give it the original shape.

Soft toys with a long pile are afraid of washing. The pile may fall, and the appearance of the product will be irreparably damaged. A long fur coat can damage the details of the washing machine.

The same can be said about toys with cardboardor very small details. The appearance of them can be lost forever. Therefore, it is better for them to choose another cleaning option (for example, dry cleaning or hand washing).

wash soft toys washing


Thus, caring for your baby's toy friends is a mandatory procedure. Knowing how to erase soft toys, you can be calm for the health and mood of the child.

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