Cats from the advertisement "Whiskas": breed British shorthair

All viewers probably remember the kitten fromadvertising food "Whiskas." It is impossible to forget the lovely striped mischievous with big eyes. Today this name has already become a household name. Mnogie it and call - kitten "Whiskas". But the very breed of the cat from the advertisement "Whiskas" has become very recognizable and widely popular among fans. A new name appeared in a wide circle of people - a British kitten from advertising.

cats from advertising a temple of a breed

Color kitten "Whiskas"

Of course, this patterned silvery colorthere is a scientific name - mackerel or tiger figure. A special feature is the presence of three broad bands on the back and many thin strips throughout the body. Color bands from dark gray to black hue. The main tone is silvery. The big eyes of the kittens are mostly yellow-green or yellow. Color coding ns23. Also the breed from the advertisement "Whiskas" has related tones: spotted and marble. Silvery spotted and silvery marble colors (encoded in ns24 and ns22) are the colors of the Tabby group. Cats from the advertising "Whiskas" (breed British Shorthair) in color are similar to the Scottish, which are their close relatives.

Scottish kittens

Scottish kittens in many ways similar to Britishbrothers. The same eyes, like a saucer with a black stroke, lovely roundish muzzles, the same color coding. In the Scottish breed, lop-eared kittens "Whiskas" are distinguished. These dear minke whales with lying ears will not leave anyone indifferent. Lop-eared kittens are more in demand in the modern world than their pryamouhie little brothers and sisters. The price of fold cats is higher. It is established by the owners of the kittens and depends on many factors: how the ears, the "titled" of the parents, the pedigree, the cost of feed lay down.

breed of whiskas

British cats

But their cousins ​​- cats from the advertisement "Whiskas"(breed British Shorthair) have an excellent character. They are very calm, self-sufficient, balanced. The British are affectionate, faithful and attached to their masters. They can perfectly live together with all animals, be they birds, dogs, fish, etc.

Games in a cat from the advertisement "Whiskas" (breedBritish Shorthair) are touching those around them. The hosts can watch for hours these sluggish and plush "fighters". Cats can be easily taken in hand, their hair almost does not stick to clothing and does not require special care.

breed of cats from advertising whiskas

However, these cats do not like to sit on their hands. They prefer free movement. British cats like to sit on an armchair or sofa next to the dozing nostril, quietly purring. The British will create coziness in any home. Their intelligent manners do not allow you to scratch the wallpaper, jump on carpets and cabinets. But curious cats from the advertisement "Whiskas" (breed British shorthair) can climb on the dining table. They will not remain indifferent to food.

Ability to perfectly understand intonation of hosts andTo catch their feelings allows them to respond correctly to the voice. If the owner raised his voice at a time when the kitten was going to thread claws on the sofa, then in the future he would avoid such in his presence.

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