We celebrate the Youth Day! Date - not the only one

When is the day of youth celebrated? The date interests very many, however it is rare to call it "the culprits of the celebration", and their parents. That's the problem. Officially mentioned holiday is fixed by the Order of the President in 1993. A specific number was also announced on June 27. But long before this decree, the last Sunday of June was considered a holiday. There is also the International Youth Solidarity Day, which falls on April 24. So the most active age group of people can celebrate their holiday thrice a year.

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Youth is characterized by activity, never-endinga stream of ideas and attempts to realize them ... This is the time of hopes and unrealistic dreams. Sometimes she does not have enough experience of mature years. But this is not the reason to give up the pleasure of being young, energetic, take on the most delusional projects and brilliantly bring them to the end. Or forget about everything halfway and head off to a new business? The lucky people manage to keep this state of mind until very advanced years. So the 2013 Youth Day is a holiday not only for those who are young according to documents, but also for all who stayed inside.

What is the glory of this age? First of all, the ability to have fun and not to lose the presence of spirit and optimism in the seemingly most desperate situation. Therefore, the Day of Youth, whose date is really festive for so many, should be celebrated cheerfully, cheerfully, widely! Preparation for such a significant event should activate the most violent fantasy, so that all activities will give joy and leave a memory of yourself and a warm trace in your soul.

Youth Day 2013
Do not think that the concert and disco -the maximum that should be organized for young people. You can come up with and implement many actions that carry the idea of ​​mutual support, help to others and understanding.

So, what activities can be implemented on the Dayyouth? The number, more precisely all three, falls on a warm time, when you can plant an alley of trees, whose shoots will be symbols of youth. Always on this holiday, the most active youth representatives wrote messages to future generations. This is a good tradition, which must be continued.

There are more pressing issues that will helpdecide at least to some extent the Day of Youth. This date is the most suitable for drawing attention of the government to the problems of this generation. Almost every representative of young people faces them - a difficulty or an impossibility

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professionaleducation, the difficulty in finding decent work with decent earnings, housing problems - all this in the complex often becomes an obstacle to the development of the individual and the creation of his family.

But it depends on the current youth what will bethe future of our country! This is its decisions and actions will affect whether our state will go further down or will successfully develop and will become a reliable support for its citizens.
Remember, it's not just a holiday - Dayyouth. His date is a contribution to our future, and not just a formal occasion to have fun. So for entertainment, do not forget about the tasks that are facing the young generation.

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