How to fold a T-shirt: simple methods

To keep the beautiful appearance of clothes, forshe needs the right care. This is not only how you will wear it, but also how you will wash, dry, iron and fold a T-shirt, shirt, dress or any other wardrobe item. Thanks to this, you can save the look of clothes, and it will look the same as on the day of purchase. In this article, let's talk about how to fold a T-shirt quickly and beautifully.

how to fold a t-shirt

For many, beautifully folding clothes is notspecial work. However, this requires certain skills. After all, when folding a T-shirt, we want to preserve its appearance, leaving no dents and wrinkles, which is rather difficult. However, do not despair! There are many instructions on which you can accurately lay down any T-shirt. Guided by them, you will learn how to do it quickly and easily.

we fold the t-shirt

So, how to fold a T-shirt. First, put it face-to-face. Then take both sleeves. Roll them inside, not forgetting the line that is on the bend of the sleeve. So we put the T-shirt in the shape of a rectangle. Depending on the size, it can be folded up if necessary. There are T-shirts on which the image is applied. The pictures are of different quality and, in order to preserve their durability, when folding, try not to bend the pattern along the entire perimeter.

There is another method of folding a T-shirt. It is not as popular as the previous one, but it is good because it helps to save space in the closet or suitcase. The essence of the method is that the T-shirt folds up to the shoulder inwards, after which it folds in the form of a cylinder from the middle.

Very interesting option, which became popularnot so long ago. To fold the T-shirt in this way a special board is used. With her help, you can put on a T-shirt much easier and faster. Such a board can be made independently of ordinary cardboard and scotch tape. So, you need six pieces of cardboard in the size of 25-30 cm. The exact size can be determined, guided by the parameters of your folded T-shirt. Carefully cut six identical rectangles with your sharp knife according to your measurements. Try to make the edges as level as possible. Then lay out the cardboard pieces with a grid: three in width and two in height. Between them, leave a small gap (less than 1 cm), so you can easily fold the cardboard during operation. Using Scotch tape, glue all the pieces together to make one big canvas. The device for folding clothes is ready!


How to fold a T-shirt with thisdevice? Place your item in the center of the board face down. Fold the right side of the panel and return it to its original position. Repeat the same procedure on the left side of the panel. Then fold the lower center piece up and also return to its original position. As a result, we managed to fold the T-shirt quickly and without extra efforts.

So, you learned how to fold a T-shirt in many ways. It remains only to choose the most convenient method for you and master it thoroughly, which, incidentally, will not be difficult.

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