Franco Sordelli sunglasses: brief information and reviews

With the onset of summer in the wardrobe of each personthere are sunglasses. They not only perfectly complement the fashion image, but also give safety to the eyes, protect them from scorching rays. Sunglasses Franco Sordelli - an excellent choice for summer outings.

Briefly about Franco Sordelli

The firm began to work in the market of optics in 1972. Franco Sordelli sunglasses manufactures in Italy. Each unit of output has a mark that it is made in this country. The aim of the company is to create accessories that are fashionable, have high quality and a decent price.

Franco Sordelli sunglasses choose thosepeople who are not afraid to be at the center of everyone's attention. This accessory is very important in the wardrobe of a resident of a fast and noisy city, always striving forward.

To the Russian consumer products of the company FrancoSordelli has to taste, as it has a bright and catchy design. It is very important for the buyer and that the quality is at a very high level, and the price is quite affordable. Designers developing sunglasses Franco Sordelli, showed all their skills. They created different models from different materials: plastic, metal or combined. Various colors of lenses, various decorative inclusions, which give points of elegance and uniqueness - all this will not leave indifferent any customer. Everyone will find something special for themselves.

sunglasses franco sordelli

The founder of Franco Sordelli

Franco Sordelli is named after herthe founder. He was born in Milan in 1938. After Sordelli studied at the Catholic Institute, he decided to go to Germany. There, for several months, he was an employee of a factory that produced clothes. After some time, the master decided to return to his homeland, where he created the now famous Franco Sordelli, which started producing glasses. Now the company carries out deliveries to the countries of Europe, the United States of America, and also to Russia.

Franco Sordelli sunglasses are madewith the help of specialized laser technology. Monel and titanium are used for the production of metal accessories, and cellulose propionate is used for their production from plastic. Due to this, the products have high enough quality and reasonable price.

Sunglasses of this company are very stylish,are made in a variety of colors. They are also divided into groups according to their intended purpose. There are special glasses for doing sports, for active recreation, for residents of a bustling city. All models are very light, comfortable and comfortable. The glasses are designed separately for both men and women. Models for girls are decorated with additional patterns, rhinestones, pendants.

Franco Sordelli sunglasses

Franco Sordelli: sunglasses. Reviews

Franco Sordelli has been working for many yearsproduction of sunglasses. Many people have already evaluated the quality of these products and left feedback on the Web. In the main comments were only positive. Buyers noted comfort, claimed that the glasses sit very comfortably, hold fast and do not fall off. Customers paid attention to high quality products. You can wear glasses for a long time and not be afraid that something will break or fall off. A special attention of clients was attracted by the color scale of products. Very pleased with the customers the opportunity to pick up glasses to any image. People who are engaged in sports also noted the convenience and quality of the products of this company. The female half was delighted with all sorts of decorative ornaments on glasses: rhinestones, drawings and patterns. The price of consumers also pleased. High quality fully corresponds to the assigned cost.

franco sordelli glasses sunglasses reviews


Having studied and analyzed the products of FrancoSordelli, we can say with certainty that this company's sunglasses are worthy to be purchased. High quality, reasonable price, excellent design - all this will not leave indifferent any person.

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