Cromia - bags dreamed of

Cromia - bags popular all over the world. It is a real embodiment of Italian traditions and modern style. Something special is in their unique design, which attracts fashionable women and fashionable men so much and makes these Italian bags a cherished dream for many women.

cromia bags

In the modern fashion industry there is a concept"Processed classics," this phrase refers to the modern interpretation of classical works. This approach to the creation of fashion trends is of interest not only for eminent mods, but also for people far from fashion trends and trends. Cromia - bags that embodied the classics in a new sound. These bags perfectly combined with both a classic wardrobe and clothes in the style of "military".

Cromia bags are the work of the best Italianmasters, which unites one goal and a single brand. Despite the fact that the brand Cromia was created not so long ago (in 2003), bags produced under this brand, managed to win recognition all over the world. The founder of the brand Cromia is the company Laipe Spa.

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Cromia - bags that embody elegance, noble chic and indisputable sophistication. The classical form is supplemented by an original design approach, and this combination perfectly emphasizes the style of a modern, confident woman.

To create models of the Cromia brand in the presentThe company employs more than 1500 specialists, while the production process uses the latest technologies and the latest equipment. The peculiarity of the company is that on the basis of Laipe Spa a special department has been set up, specializing in the repair and exchange of goods. This makes it possible to say that Cromia - bags of the highest quality, which are a real work of art.

To date, Cromia brand bags are shipped to Japan, China to South Korea and Russia.

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In Russia, Cromia brand began to usepopularity largely due to the low-key chic of bags and their special elegance. To doubt the quality of products manufactured under the brand Cromia, do not allow the materials used in the production process: suede and genuine leather. Stylish Cromia handbags are different from the bags of other brands with original details, high-quality fittings and interesting color solutions.

The latest collections of bags Cromia conquerstrict and at the same time stylish models made of genuine leather without additional decorative elements. Before the creation of the latest collections, the designers of the company carefully studied the latest fashion trends and came to the conclusion that bags in the classic style of smooth gray, brown and black leather are very relevant. Such models harmoniously look almost with any outfit, delicately emphasizing the impeccable taste and sense of style of their owners.

The creators of new collections, of course, are notleft without attention and fans of style casual. For them designers have developed comfortable and bright bags of smooth leather with suede overlays of contrasting shades.

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