Electric heated bed sheet: testimonials and advice on choice

Sleep is a physiological process, duringwhich the body rests and restores its strength. Therefore it is very important that it is strong and full. To this end, engineers have developed an electric sheet. It provides comfort and comfort during the rest.

What is a heated sheet?

This is a unique invention that allowsquickly warm the bed, creating more comfortable conditions for sleep. A heated bed sheet allows you to warm up quickly when the room temperature is low. It is an indispensable thing in the winter when the heating is very weak or even disabled. Also, the heated sheet is great for a country house.

To date, an electric sheet is considered the best solution in the fight against a damp and cold bed at any time of the year.

heated bed sheet

Healing properties

In addition to creating comfortable conditions for sleepheated sheet has a therapeutic effect. So, the use of an electric sheet promotes the expansion of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, alleviates pain in muscles and joints. Also, the sheet affects the entire body, causing a general relaxation. Therefore, this invention is often used to treat certain diseases. Especially an electric sheet is relevant for people suffering from osteochondrosis and rheumatism.

How does the electric sheet work?

The heated sheet is a canvasfrom a coarse or cotton fabric, in which fibers heating elements are introduced. As a rule, manufacturers of electric sheets use soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics. Therefore, it looks very similar to the usual one. The only difference is the presence of small fine details.

heated sheets

How to use it?

Usually an electric sheet has 2-6 temperature modes. Warming it occurs according to the user-defined mode. It is recommended to choose a sheet with the maximum number of temperature regimes.

The electric sheet is equipped with a special systemtemperature monitoring. This function eliminates the possibility of overheating, which is very important during sleep. Therefore, heated sheets are safe to use in a baby cot.

The product has an automatic shutdown system, due to which the heating stops after a while. For different models, the auto-shutdown time may differ.

heated sheets beurer

Advantages of an electric sheet

Electric heated sheet has many advantages:

  • safety: during the use of the sheet, shock, fire and various electromagnetic influences are excluded;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ecological compatibility of materials: manufacturers use natural fabrics and non-toxic details;
  • presence of several temperature regimes;
  • the ability to retain heat for a long time even after the heating function has been turned off;
  • the presence of a timer, after disconnection of which the sheet continues to heat at low power;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • the ability to clean and wash;
  • availability of a test program that blocks the operation of the product in the event of a malfunction;
  • self-timer with auto shut-off function, limiting high temperature;
  • presence of two fuses.

The heated double bed can have two independent control panels for the couple.

heated double bed sheet

Additional functions

Some manufacturers produce electric sheetswith additional features. For example, the temperature sensor is equipped with a backlight. This makes it easier to observe the temperature at night. Additional functions include fast heating. This opportunity is very important in the winter, when you need to quickly get a warm sheet.

Also in the market of household goods can be foundmodels that allow heating individual zones. For example, the leg area, etc. But when choosing a multifunctional sheet, you should consider that it is more expensive.

How to care for an electric sheet?

The heated sheet can be washed by hand whenthe water temperature does not exceed +30 ºС. Machine wash is also allowed, but only in manual mode with a small number of revolutions during spinning. But there are models for which you can only use dry cleaning.

To prevent damage, before washing, be sure to carefully examine the tag of the product. The manufacturer always indicates the recommended ways of cleaning and courtship.

If the electric sheet can be washed in the machine, remove the controller from the product. And only then you can load it into the washing machine.

Very often the heated sheet is covered with a normal during use. It is very practical and allows longer to keep the product clean.

As a rule, when buying sheets in the kitthere is an instruction for use. In it, the manufacturer indicates the rules for the use of the product. If the user follows the instructions, the electric sheet will last much longer.

heated sheets reviews

When can not I use an electric sheet?

There are situations in which you can not use heated sheets:

  1. Wet bed. Include an electric sheet can only be in conditions of complete dryness.
  2. With some diseases, accompanied by an increase in the body temperature of the patient.
  3. In pregnancy: overheating of a woman is very dangerous and can cause premature birth.

It is also not always possible to use an electric sheet for children. In this case it is better to consult with specialists.

electric heated bed sheet

How to choose a heated sheet?

At first glance, all represented on the marketelectric sheets are the same. But in fact they are different. Therefore, during the purchase should be well studied different models and choose the most suitable.

First, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. It is better to buy sheets of a well-known brand that guarantees high quality and compliance with safety standards.

Secondly, you need to determine the type of product. So, there are single and double electric sheets on sale, which differ in size, heating time, material and type of heating element. Manufacturers have taken into account the requirements of buyers. They developed family double electric sheets. Each of the spouses has its own remote control and can choose the most suitable temperature for its zone.

For sale there are sheets of different sizes. Therefore, before buying it is recommended to measure the bed. It should be borne in mind that for most manufacturers the heating area is less than the physical dimensions of the product by 15-25%.

When buying sheets, it is very important to payattention to the type of heating element. The security of the user depends on this parameter. Manufacturers use ordinary wires in electric sheets, double safe, triple safe and coal. It is recommended to buy sheets with double and triple safe wire. The fact is that they are switched off when overheating and thus the possibility of ignition is excluded.

An important selection criterion is the heating time. Most models do not heat up faster than 30-40 minutes. Buyer of such sheets will always need to turn on the heating for a long time before sleeping. However, there are more expensive models on sale, which are heated in just two minutes.

As for materials, there is also a largechoice for the customer. Producers offer sheets of natural fabrics: cotton, coarse calico. For less demanding users, electric sheets are made from semi-synthetic fabrics. In this matter, the buyer should be guided by their own preferences.

how to choose a heated bed sheet

Customer Reviews

Recently there has been a rapid growthdemand for heated sheets. Feedback from users is mostly positive. Buyers note the comfort and convenience of this wonderful invention. As for specific models, buyers are more inclined to expensive models of a well-known manufacturer. And those who chose the budget model of Chinese production, could not long use the product, which broke many in almost the first application. To avoid paying twice, experts recommend buying an expensive and reliable electric sheet, which will last for more than one year. According to users, the highest quality and safe is the Beurer heated sheet.

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