Closer to the body or business bedding

An integral part of a house or apartment isbedroom. People spend about a third of their lives in it. By the way a person sleeps, psychologists can determine his life position and a typical style of behavior. A great influence on a person's sleep, has bed linen on which he sleeps. On substandard linen made of synthetic materials, it is unlikely that you will rest well.

It is sewn from various materials, but the preponderance ofside of fabrics of natural origin. Familiar to all, bed linen from coarse calico, by right is considered a classic. Popularity was provided to him: affordable price and high consumer qualities (allows a person's skin to breathe, retains its aesthetic appearance after many washings). Many people think that coarse cotton is a designation of cotton fabric, and they are mistaken. Coarse calico - this is a special interlacing of yarns in the manufacture of fabric, synthetic or natural. When choosing a bed set, you need to carefully study the composition of the fabric, and give preference to the cotton variant. Also in the production can be used calico, satin or satin. Sometimes synthetic fibers are added to natural fibers, approximately 20%. This helps prevent strong shrinkage, which is inherent in all natural tissues, and increases wear resistance.

You can buy quality bed linen in specialized shops or on the Internet. In the second case, a good helper will Online Store KUTUMKA. When buying bed linen should pay attention to such features:

- fabric structure;

- the sizes and quantity of products;

- the number of products in the set;

- quality of lines and colors;

- the manufacturer.

The composition is better natural. Synthetics can cause allergies and skin diseases.

In size, the sets are divided into:

- Single (one-and-a-half);

- Family (double);

- Euro (double with pillow cases of different sizes);

- Various non-standard options.

Choose one that suits the format of the mattress, blankets and pillowcases. In this case, allow for shrinkage after the first wash.

The quality of stitches and stains should be flawless - they will be contacted by human skin. Marriage can cause irritation, shedding and premature wear of the laundry.

Do not trust manufacturers with very low prices - there are products on the labels that indicate: 100% coarse calico, the composition - polycotton. This is a low-quality synthetic underwear.

Refuse to buy if:

- the label does not include the proper information: the name and address of the manufacturer, the type and composition of the fabric, washing instructions, the GOST of which the product is manufactured;

- seams uneven, substandard substandard, loose threads visible;

- the color is not uniform, there are spots.

- the goods do not have individual packaging.

Sometimes fabrics before sewing are processedspecial substances, therefore - before use, bed linen must be washed in the specified temperature mode with the recommended means.

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