Refrigerator lock: types

Strange as it may seem, but stillOur life there are many situations when you just need to install a special lock on the refrigerator. This applies in the first place to those people who live in communal apartments or hostels. But, as experts mark, and in usual apartment there are sometimes many reasons to put the above device. After all, we often open it during the day. The result is full of fattened sides and extra pounds.

All possible variants of locks for the refrigerating chamber are described below.

Castle on the refrigerator of the last century

lock on the refrigerator from neighbors
The above-mentioned goods in our time are usedpopularity among many buyers. At the end of the last century, residents of communal apartments actively used the lock on the refrigerator from neighbors. But at that time he was made independently. To the door of the refrigerator screwed two small eyelets, which neatly painted. A conventional padlock gave confidence to many families. They knew for sure that their "border on a secure castle."

Also in the Soviet Union, refrigerators were produced with a special lock with a locking mechanism. The handle of this refrigerator looked like an automotive. It was closed with a key.

Child lock on the refrigerator

chateau lock
Today the market presents many types of very efficient devices that are designed to securely close the refrigerator.

When a child appears in the family,the need to install the above device on the refrigerating chamber. A special child lock is designed to lock the refrigerator door. It is a kind of adaptation, which consists of two parts. So, one of them is attached to the very door of the refrigerating chamber, the second - to its wall.

This device reliably keeps the door of the refrigerator and prevents the baby from opening it. But an adult without special difficulties can, if necessary, cope with this lock lock.

Electronic lock on the refrigerator

electronic lock on the refrigerator
The problem of protecting the cold store in this centurytechnical progress has not been left without a high-tech solution. Electronic lock is a software that is capable of tightly closing a refrigerator in a specific period of time.

This device has several varieties:

  • Lock on the refrigerator with a special code. In order to open the refrigerator door, you need to enter a code word or answer the specified specific question correctly. If the answer was incorrect, a new question will be generated.
  • Device with alarm. This lock on the refrigerator with a special timer, which is set, for example, from 8 pm to, for example, 7 hours in the morning. If a person attempts to open the refrigerator door at this time, he will hear unpleasant loud noises. Such a device will become just a wand-help for those persons who are trying to follow their figure and want to lose extra pounds.

Advantages of the electronic lock on the refrigerator

The above mentioned device is quite useful both for an ordinary family and for a shop owner:

1. Safely protects the door of the refrigerator from intrusion of unauthorized or theft.

2. A special remote control allows you to control the lock from a distance.

3. Presence of alarm and timer.

4. In some types of locks are equipped with motion sensors.

It should be noted that the electronic lock onThe refrigerator is simply mounted. How to properly install it is described in detail in the instructions. Call a special master is not necessary, because its installation is within the power of everyone.

The lock on the refrigerator will help to reliably protect the unit from raids of neighbors or children. In addition, he will become a remarkable ally in the struggle for a slender figure and a thin waist.

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