The wall-slide is indispensable for a small room

Without such an element of interior, as a wall-slideit is impossible to imagine a modern apartment. Even 20-30 years ago, this luxury item (then the wall was positioned exactly this way) was not in every apartment, but now designers offer walls of different models and different in value.

slope wall
Mini-walls (slides) are presented in such a wideassortment, which is very difficult not to get lost. And it is very important to choose the right model, which will fit into the interior and be functional.

Modular roller coaster-walls of a modern type areA perfect solution for small apartments. Basically, they are produced from materials that are environmentally friendly and safe, so they can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.

Before you buy a wall, you need to choose a place,where it will be located. In a small room it is best to have slides of direct configurations. In a room where there are many windows and doors, angular walls naturally look. In a square room, the walls of an angular type look great, and in a rectangular wall linear walls.

Wall slides
The wall-hump, consisting of modules, is very convenient because the elements can be placed not in a row, but distributed in the room in such a way as to make it more spacious.

Factories engaged in the production of walls, haveThe opportunity to offer the buyer a choice when buying modules. It is not necessary to purchase a standard set of wall elements, you can buy only what is needed, for example, a wardrobe, and you can choose its height and width. If the client has a rich library, then you can pick up a book section, and for equipment and various souvenirs different supports and shelves are provided. Beautiful dishes will look great in the sideboard with glass doors.

The color of the wall is also very important when choosing. It should be such that the wall-slide harmoniously blends into the interior of the room. If the upholstered furniture is in a Victorian style room, then there is no need to put a wall made in a modern modular form. In the production of furniture, different materials are used. This can be MDF or chipboard. Sometimes the facades of the slides are made of solid wood or veneer of valuable trees. It is best if the furniture is made of MDF. This material costs a little more, but is environmentally safe. In the wall is very convenient to store things and various household trivia. They are multifunctional and compact. If the design is well chosen and placed, then this saves space.

mini wall slides
The walls for the living rooms are still verypopular. In the house there are always things to put somewhere. Even a small hill-like wall, consisting of several modules, can serve as a good storage for a large number of things. In modern designs, there are shelves, separate shelves, niches for TV and home theater, as well as roomy cabinets. A variety of roomy offices help to hide or flaunt objects, dishes, figurines, etc. Modules wall-roller coaster for the living room can be selected using the catalogs of furniture stores.

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