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Shock - this is our way! The event occurred in 1971, in the fall. The Soviet atomic submarine (tactical number K-162, project 661 "Anchar") with a strong body of titanium, as armor, approached the stern of the vessel "Saratoga". The attack aircraft carrier of the US Navy 6 planned to easily tear himself away. However, the unusual racer easily bypassed the miracle of foreign naval equipment, showing up in front of his nose. The team of "laggards" was shocked by the phenomenal speed capabilities. This is the only way the "fastest submarine" remained "modest"! In the world there was not and there are no equals. However, on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records about this - not a word. The military secret does not tolerate sensation.

The fastest submarine in the world

You're lying, you're not leaving!

Unparalleled pride of the Stateship type ship"Lexington" was coming from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic port of Miami, to the place of permanent basing. Suddenly foreign seamen saw: in the depths of them overtake a huge "whale" - a submarine, the dimensions of which are comparable to the size of a house in four floors. As it turned out, it is impossible to leave: a deep boat for several hours in a row gambling overtook the aircraft carrier, who collected 30 knots (55.56 km / h). This was not surprising: "Anchar" (K-162) developed 44.7 knots (80.4 km / h).

Enough capacity of only one turbine todial and maintain a fantastic speed. The fastest submarine, flying like a car on the highway, on planet Earth before that just was not carried out. The observer's interference increased. The terrible "Old Lady" (one of the nicknames of "Saratoga") looked absolutely helpless. Soviet technology directly in front of the enemy demonstrated an absolute world record of the speed of underwater movement. And he belonged not to the States, but to a country in which, as some thought, bears are walking along the streets.

Worthy answer

The stunned eyewitnesses could not understand: how can Russian "floating bast shoes" use epithets "amazing speed", "fastest"? "The submarine is not steeper"? Yes, they do not say in vain: it is better to believe and deceive than to deceive, not believing. It appears, still as it is possible! It is known that in March 1971, the speed of 44.85 knots (83.05 km / h) could be fixed on the Motovskaya measuring line (a section of the coastal water area).

to 222

Victory was required in the presence ofobservers from hydrographic vessels. In those days they loved to make dedications to major party events. This feat was timed to coincide with the opening of the 24th Congress of the CPSU. The storm started, the hydrologists could not go to sea. When the weather was established, we decided not to report. While the storm, with a 100 per cent load capacity of nuclear reactors, the submarine issued a new record, the same 44.85 knots.

Having made two circles in the wind, on the third collidedwith problems and the command sounded to stop the risky experiment. Thus, the world record included the figure 44.7. Planck has not been overcome yet. In the mid-seventies of the XX century, Soviet designers were counting on increasing production volumes, setting up a serial production of new items. But this did not happen, although even modern submarines of the Northern Fleet do not reach the figures of half a century ago.

Due to high cost (costsamounted to 1% of the state budget), the high-speed "aircraft carrier killer" was the only, unique and, as mentioned above, top secret. Information for many years was not given to all servicemen. The degree of penetration of the civilian population into the subject remains only to be guessed. One way or another, it was a severe response of socialism to capitalist "imperial manners."

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We'll show you kuz'kina mother!

Read more about how and why thefast submarine. In the world there was a cold war, the parties, embodying two different political systems, fiercely competed in the build-up of armaments. In the middle of the twentieth century, the United States of America developed a special military program. A stake was made on a strategy of realistic intimidation, of which the ocean strategy was part.

Offensive forces changed the direction of the mainpower, there was a sharp redirection from land to sea. The system was supported with the help of "floating airfields" - groups of attack aircraft carriers. The country of victorious socialism urgently needed not only a modern, new technology. It was about the fact that the fastest submarine was about to appear. In the sixties of the last century, the USSR did not manage to set up large ships: the war on protecting the Fatherland from the German fascist invaders had recently died down. The country barely recovered from the devastation. There was a way out: the head of state Nikita Khrushchev decided to show his self-confident kuzkin his mother in the form of an unrivaled submarine fleet.

It's okay to baboon straight from the depths

An important place for regular improvementmilitary equipment of the USSR was assigned even before the fastest submarine appeared. In a world of tough confrontation, on the wave of ocean strategy such a need reached its climax. As you know, the Soviet Union submarines of the sixties model had a serious flaw: missiles could be launched to defeat the target only when rising from depth, after ascent.

the best submarine in the world

Often in this position of the submarine"Illuminated" by the enemy and destroyed (if they did not have time to "sneak" in time). Soon appeared "Amethyst" - a missile complex, capable of starting from the dark depths. It was created under the control of the designer of rocket and space technology Vladimir Chelomey (photo above). Novelty immediately took to the arsenal, although the mass of the battle head was smaller, as well as the range of fire. All these seemingly negative factors with a margin were compensated by the possibility of causing a hidden sudden impact.

Secret mission

It was assumed that the constantly moving targetwill monitor the all-seeing "eye" of an autonomous control and guidance system. This made it possible to simplify the task of avoiding patrol vessels (escort ships) of a possible enemy. On board, they intended to install at once ten aircraft-shells (cruise missiles) P-70. As air, the most powerful submarine was needed! In the world of ships that can dive and operate under water, under no circumstances could there be "clones" and competitors.

Not even hundreds, but thousandsspecialists, all of them signed an obligation not to disclose state secrets. The design solutions used earlier were swept aside at once: the submarine of the future was born. They focused on the range of flight of a cruise missile with a beautiful name "Amethyst". It is small - eighty kilometers. That the submarine dynamically approached to floating airdromes on a distance of attack, it was required to give it high high-speed abilities (equivalent to torpedoes).

the most powerful submarine in the world

Heaped and ergonomic

In the atmosphere of tension and secrets,the best submarine. In the world and in the country no one knew the name of the project manager. Unquestioned scientific authority, a high-class shipbuilding specialist, academician Nikolai Isanin (as the well-known Vostok spacecraft designer Sergei Korolev at the time) was a strictly secret figure. Under his sensitive and strict start, the team worked round the clock. At a certain stage, the leadership took over Nikolai Shulzhenko. Tough strenuous activity has yielded rich results.

In December 1960, the submarine of the future wasready. The number of avant-garde technical solutions "went off" - 398: the helm like an airplane, telemechanics, television cameras, automatics, and, of course, the most durable titanium case that produced Severodvinsk plant "Sevmash" in 1962. K-162 itself was laid at the same plant in December 1963 (plant number 501). An important role was given to ergonomics.

Four potential circumnavigations

Power provided by two nuclear reactors. Project 661 included a two-shaft steam-power plant (40,000 horsepower each, 2 times higher than that of all foreign and domestic "colleagues"). In many respects due to this the title "the fastest submarine" was won. In a world where the peaceful atom was only being mastered, the model of technology on the verge of fiction gave our country confidence in its forces.

Nuclear fuel in the reactors would be enough forfour round-the-world voyages (with increased economy and safety). "Biography of the celebrity" of the past in a short line: the boat (since January 1978 was listed under tactical number K-222) was launched in 1968; was written off in 1988; finally disposed of in 2010 on the "Sevmash".

submarines of the Northern Fleet

Noise is not good

The best submarine in the world could notserially produced for a number of reasons. The classy titanium case was extremely difficult to manufacture. By the end of the 1980s missiles P-70 "Amethyst" (the main armament) became obsolete. A potential enemy has developed new detection devices. Hydroacoustic systems with a high degree of guarantee easily found the location of K-162 (K-222). The situation was complicated by the high noise level of "Anchara".

Anti-submarine aircraft developed. In the thunderstorm of the oceans, the "whale" (Soviet sailors called the "Goldfish" boat for high prices and yurkost) was less likely to survive. It would seem that the recycling, which began in 2008, is an ordinary event. Mankind has not yet invented an eternal engine. Everything one day comes into disrepair. But it was a unique, record-holder, which could become a museum of achievements in engineering, engineering thought. They did not save.

Bylem the bed

K-222 went to scrap metal like a rusty bed orold teapot. And this is a submarine equipped with the Sigma-661 (all-latitude), Radan-1, Nichrome systems (determining the object's belonging to a certain state), the carrier of the sonar complex Rubin! Breaking - do not build ... There is an opinion: today a great tourist site could grow in popularity.

the fastest submarine of the USSR

After a long secret existence for sure"Told" would be a lot of interesting about its difficult life the most powerful submarine. There are not many miracles in the world as it seems. Fans of technology believe that "Anchar" was one of the unusual items and phenomena. The experience of titanium structures was used in other developments (685, 705, 945, 945A, etc.), and the Ametist rockets were still useful on the boats "Scat" (they were built according to the project 670).

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