"Nazarov and caliber": the success story of the Ivanovo armourer

At all times, arms lovers valued not onlycombat characteristics, but also aesthetics. Gentlemen of the past centuries had the opportunity to equip weapons rooms, trophy rooms, hunting rooms. Today, when the right to own arms is regulated by the state, souvenir products are gaining popularity. Those wishing to decorate their own home, recreation area or office with shining blades are getting bigger every year.

caliber of Nazarov weapons manufactory

But where to get a truly worthy thing,which will not only please the eye, but also meet all modern security standards? Our article will tell about the enterprise "Nazarov and caliber", which produces magnificent samples. Among the assortment of the company you will find many authentic types of blades, copies of firearms and other souvenir products.

Nazarov: the path to the dream

Alexey Nazarov grew up an ordinary boy in the cityIvanovo. Like his peers, he played "warrior" and "Cossack robbers", took part in the battles of the tin armies, made simple pistols and slingshots from improvised materials.

In his teens, the boy was carried away by the "Zarnitsa". Once during the competition the group was tasked to send a note to the opposite bank of the river, attached to the boom. The only arrow reached was the goal - sent by the future gunsmith.

Later, the young man was carried away by music and created a band. The Soviet teenager simply had nowhere to take the tools. But Alexei did not stop it - he made bass, rhythm and solo guitar with his own hands!

One day a book "Winds of the Kulikovo Field" came into his hands, which changed his life. Perhaps, it is this book that owes its appearance to Aleksey Nazarov's company "Caliber".

Nazars and caliber checkers

Live fantasy drew scenes of battles and imagesheroes of the past, and colorful illustrations, on which were depicted samples of Russian and Turkish sabers, simply did not give rest, causing an irresistible desire for action. The first apprentices of Alexei were a little daughter and wife Irina. Together, right on the family kitchen, the Nazarovs created their first gun. It was not a copy of any real-life model, but the design traced the style of the XVII century.

history of the company

Without professional tools, originaldrawings, special education and any experience, Alexey Nazarov started his business. The future gunsmith received starting capital, selling in the late 80's a small video salon with equipment. Many friends laughed at the dreamer, because in those years, video rental was one of the most lucrative options for private business. But Nazarov did not listen to anyone. He bought several small machines, which he placed in the same kitchen, and started studying the materiel. In addition to literature, with such difficulty obtained in perestroika libraries, the master drew knowledge in communication with the staff of the Ivanovo Museum of Local History. Trying to match the weapons traditions of certain eras, Nazarov never forgot about the author's style.

nazarov caliber

The Armory Manufactory "Nazarov and Caliber" wasofficially registered in 1991. Now the enterprise is known all over Russia. Nazarov closely cooperates with the Cossack communities, archaeologists, restaurateurs, historians, film studios, artists, criminalists, reenactors, collectors and, of course, with colleagues in the shop.

At present, production remains tame. The growing demand and all-Russian popularity did not force the armourer to think about the conveyor belt. All produced samples have the appropriate certificates. Let's take a closer look at the products.

Cold steel (souvenir)

In this article, you can review some of theThe samples from the huge assortment offered by the company "Nazarov and caliber". Checkers, scimitars, daggers, swords, sabers are made of high-quality metal and wood, have an excellent design, strictly correspond to the letter of the law.

Moreover, the armourer is not chasing only the external luster - authenticity is important for him. Ordering an officer Cossack checker of the sample in 1913, the customer will receive an exact copy of the legendary weapon.

caliber Nazarov

The blade can be made of steel, nickel silver,silver. At the request of the client, some pieces of weapons are covered with gilding. The buyer is given the opportunity to choose wood for the handle, as well as some additional decor elements.

Cannons, guns, pistols

Copies of firearms producedcompany "Nazarov and caliber", can not be used for shooting. Manufacture takes care that its products are not used for illegal purposes, therefore it supplies guns and rifles with special notches, preventing the possibility of their conversion into combat weapons. But the mechanism works, the weapon is capable of producing quite realistic sounds when shot.

Nazarov makes a weapon that will not harm anyone. His task is to decorate, please the eye.

Additional services

The customer of manufactory "Nazarov and caliber" canagree with the armourer, so that the blade, trunk or hilt is decorated with engraving, brand, serial number. If desired, you can etch the image of the Order, a commemorative sign, a coat of arms on the weapon.

With each client the company communicatesindividually, taking into account his wishes. For example, the customer can choose the amount of dol on the blade, and also order a leather lambskin, ideally suited for his hand, or a sword belt.

Despite quite a considerable price, gift sets are also popular, which include a checker or dagger, a copy of the Order of St. George's Cross, a small icon, a storage case.

nazarov and caliber reviews

Star owners of souvenir weapons

The master himself can no longer give a complete listcelebrities in the possession of which there is his weapon. The orders to the workshop "Nazarov and Caliber" were addressed by Chubais, Chernomyrdin, General Lebed and other Russian politicians.

This weapon is well-known beyond the ocean. For example, one of the pistols is in the private collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, all the famous owners give only the most positive feedback. "Nazarov and caliber" - this is a company that pleases really great quality and performance.

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