Profit on games: how to do? Active referrals in Rich birds help you!

Many people earn money through the Internet andthink about the question: "Profit on games how to do?" Active referrals in Rich birds is a person who will help you get it, and if there are a lot of such people in your team, then you will make good money on it.

how to make active referrals in rich birds

Referral - who is this?

Before you figure out how to draw the activereferrals in Rich birds, it is necessary to understand who the referral is and why it is needed. After all, many users play this investment game without even thinking about the fact that they can receive additional profit on the project, and on the machine.

Referral is your partner, which is registeredon the project, makes active actions, making profit. After you have drawn a person into the game Rich Birds, you become his referee and get a percentage of his profits. The main thing here is that registration on the Internet resource should be carried out through your partner link. Otherwise, nothing happens. Accordingly, the more referrals, the more revenue. With the active development of this direction, you can attract several thousand people to your team to make a profit.

how to draw active referrals in rich birds

A little about the project

Let's say you are interested in the issue of profit frominvestment game. Where, what and how to do? Active referrals in Rich birds are the key to your success. But first of all, I would like to consider the project itself and understand how to work on it. Many people simply do not dare to register on it, because they think that it is impossible to make money on it, and the process of the game is complicated. In fact, this is not so.

What is the essence of the game?

This game is an analogue of the popular gameMoney Birds. The principle of earnings is that the user buys birds that carry eggs (there are several species of birds, the more expensive it is - the more eggs it will bring). These eggs you sell, rescuing virtual silver, which can then be exchanged for real money.

Immediately after registration, the user is chargedon the bonus account - 1000 silver coins. So he can immediately start developing his poultry farm. Surely you are now thinking about what and how to do. Active referrals in Rich birds because they do not want to invest. But he will also be credited with silver, and the process of the game will be so prolonged that it does not want to be thrown. When a person attracted to the project sees that he is making a profit, he will start to act more actively, and the referee will always be "in the black."

For 1000 silver coins you buy one bird,which will bring you 100 eggs per hour, or 2400 per day, that is 24 silver coins. It seems to be small, but this bird (green) is the cheapest. If you buy a bird more expensively, then the income increases.

How much profit will an active referral bring?

rich rich birds search for active referrals

A good income from a virtual poultry farm asdo? Active referrals in Rich birds, which will replenish your balance, will bring you 30 percent of your deposit amount. For example, if he replenishes the account for 1000 rubles, then 300 rubles immediately "fall" into your account. Not bad, is not it? And if such referrals are 10 or 20?

It's time to think about how to attract people to the project. The game is interesting, but because they want to join it there will always be. The main thing is to distribute the referral link.

Where to search for referrals?

So, let's figure out where to find the active referral in Rich birds. There are several ways, and we will consider the main ones.

  • Inviting friends through social networks. This method is the simplest of those that are presented here. You simply take, go to the page of a friend, write him a message with an invitation to join. This can work, but do not count on a large number of joined participants, if you have only 200 friends.
  • We shoot a video for "Youtube". This method is more complicated, but it will bring you a large number of referrals. Take a review, fill in the channel, pointing under the video referral link.
  • We use other people's videos. The project in the "video" section already has ready-made videos about the game. They can also be poured into your channel.
  • We communicate in thematic forums. You can actively distribute your referral link on the forums. Only it is advisable not to spam, but, for example, to describe the game, share impressions and so on. People will read and follow the link.

where to find active referrals in rich birds

  • We use your website or blog. If you have your own website or blog, then you can place a banner with a referral link or the link itself there. For example, in the game review. This method is also effective.
  • We use postal workers. For example, on the same "Seosprint" you can put a task from the series: "Register on the project, buy a bird, report on the task and get money."
  • We write reviews of the game on a third-party service.

If you do not have your own blog, then you canlay out reviews of the game on third-party bloghostingah. The main thing is to write interesting and fascinating. Users will read your publications and go through the referral link.

Searching for active referrals in Rich birds, of course -business is difficult. But your activity is a guarantee that you will not be left without profit. Be more confident in yourself, use not one, but several schemes to attract referrals, and the result will not be long in coming. We wish you to achieve this goal.

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