Skyrim: Lost in the ages. Ether's Forge

Eteria's forge is a lost Dwemer construction that can be found in the vastness of Skyrim. Available in the Dawnguard update.


History of Forge

At the time of the heyday of the Dwemer state, this complex was built for the manufacture of various objects, at the base of which is the etherium.

In creating a smithy, its design andThe most outstanding Dwemer engineers from the cities of Mzulfa, Btar-Zela, Arktnamza, Raldbtkhara took part in the realization. According to the game, you need to visit these Dwemer ruins to find the key fragments that you need to connect.

In the Dwemer days, these city-states becamevictims of their own greed and were involved in a civil war between other cities. This led to the weakening and significant decline of the ancient Dwemer culture. Their fate was decided, for at that time the first Nords had invaded Tamriel.

Eteria's forge was hastily sealed and hidden from prying eyes.

Dear, and where is the forge of Eteria?

The task can be obtained by meeting the ghost of the traveler Katriya in the ruins of Arctnamza. The girl will tell about her quest, the hero will receive the quest "Lost in the Lids".

This can be found near the city of Aivarsted in the location of the Ruins of Balthaft. This city was built by the Dwemeras as part of a huge complex, but because of the war it was not finished, fell into decay and collapsed.

Traveling around the game world carries a lotadventures and surprises. This is Skyrim. Eteria's forge is securely hidden. On the surface is a pedestal in the form of a ball pierced by an arrow bordered with two rings.

Skyrim Eteria Forge

In the pedestal, you need to insert the fragments of the key that are found in the ester key, which will connect and open the corridor to the dungeon, where the smithy is.


Skyrim is rich in all kinds of materialsfor research and manufacture of something. However, etery is considered something of a curiosity. This crystal can not be melted, processed, or enchanted. It can not even be broken.

And only Dwemer found a way to handle it by building their forge.

The elevator is going down

When the protagonist inserts the ester key in the pedestal, a small earthquake will begin and the ghost of Kathrya will advise to step aside.

From the side you can see how the earth will appearhigh tower, at the base of which there is a lever that activates the elevator, which will take the dovakin to the dungeons, where the forge of the Eteria was sealed by the Dwemer centuries ago, so it was perfectly preserved in its original form.

The entrance to the smithy is near the placeThe door does not have a keyhole. Katria suggests that you need to shoot a bow on two Dwemer resonators, which are slightly higher. Mechanisms will open the door.

In the forge itself, you need to shut off the steam supply to use the design itself. On the right and left of the entrance are the valves, the actions over which are able to solve this problem.

where the Eteria Forge

In the form of a "security system" of its deviceThe Dwemer left here a number of mechanisms, such as the Dwemer Sphere and the Dwemer Spider. And also from the lava lake will be Master Kuznets - a huge Dwemer centurion, which has resistance to fire. It is recommended to arm yourself with something that damages the cold, and also use potions that increase resistance to fire, because the centurion attacks the flames.

From the body of the defeated mechanism one can take:

  • the core of the centurion generator;
  • filled or empty stone souls (great);
  • gems;
  • Dwemer oil.

Working with the smithy

Use the Dwemer car only once - the Eteria forge allows you to forge one of three unique items:

  1. Eterievaya corona - a subject that allowsUse simultaneously two activated additional reinforcements from the guardian stones. Usually when a bonus from one stone is taken, the bonus from another burns. It will be useful to players for a quick pumping of the character - you can activate the stones that help increase the experience.
  2. Etyerian Magic Stave - when usedcalls for 60 seconds of the Dwemer Spider and the Dwemer Sphere. Useful only at the initial levels, as higher-level opponents will cope with these Dwemer mechanisms in one stroke.
  3. Eterievy shield - a useful thing for soldiers,who prefer to quickly run past the crowd of opponents to the goal. By striking the shield, the enemy turns into a ghost for 15 seconds. In this state, the enemy can not attack and take damage.

Most often, the players prefer the crown.

where the forge of the etheria skyrim


During the quest, you can get Zephyr- Dwemer's bow, which was owned by Catria. You can find it in Arkntamze on a tree hanging over an abyss. You should be careful: the onion can fall into a violent river stream and will be lost.

Lava Lake, from which the Master Blacksmith comes out,can be overcome with potions of resistance to fire and spells that replenish health. On the other side you can find a chest with valuable items, as well as two corridors, each leading to treasures.

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