Most popular stores in MEGA, Novosibirsk

Shops in "MEGA" in Novosibirsk please theirvisitors a wide range of goods. Here are the most popular brands and brands. The address of the store "MEGA" in Novosibirsk: Vatutina street, house 107. Near it there is a huge parking for cars.

List of stores

Residents of the city consider the shopping center a convenient place for shopping. List of stores in "MEGA" in Novosibirsk:

  • "Auchan";
  • IKEA;
  • Adidas;
  • Carlo Pazolini;
  • DNS;
  • NEXT;
  • "Sportmaster".

mega novosibirsk shops

Here you can find various products, from household appliances to clothes. These stores in "MEGA" in Novosibirsk are considered the most visited.


The supermarket is located on the territory of the shopping center "MEGA" in Novosibirsk. The store pleases visitors with a wide range of products in such categories as:

  • children's clothes and food;
  • toys;
  • gardening Tools;
  • Sports Equipment;
  • Food;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • household chemicals and others.

As the residents of the city note, this store pleases not only with low prices, but also with various stocks. "Auchan" has its own line of goods, which is characterized by low cost and good quality.


Known to many residents of the city store isone of the largest for the sale of furniture, as well as goods for the home. It presents high-quality goods, the price category of which will be to everyone's liking.

IKEA - a store in MEGA in Novosibirsk, whichpleases visitors with a wide range of furniture from natural materials. Its distinctive feature is that the showroom is a zone, some of which are made in the form of apartments.

mega novosibirsk shops list

In addition to home products, the range includes dishes, children's toys, textiles and much more. The store offers discount cards for regular customers, as well as gift certificates.


The store is large enoughassortment of clothes: jackets, T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts and breeches, bags and shoes. The manufacturer focuses on quality, which takes into account almost all sports disciplines and fitness classes. When tailoring products use unique technologies and fabrics. Clothing Adidas "breathes", improves the quality of training, while correctly distributing the load on the body. The range of sportswear is presented for women, men and children. There are various promotions for clients and seasonal discounts.


This hardware store is one of the largest in the city. It offers a wide range of products, and qualified salespeople can consult at the time of purchase.

DNS will please visitors with discounts, promotions,discount system. Here you can always buy new items in the world of digital technology, smartphones and computers. You can make a purchase not only on the spot, but also by pre-ordering goods via the Internet. This makes the purchase of goods even faster and more convenient.


tc mega novosibirsk shops

Clothing and footwear store for adults and childrenpleases the visitors of the shopping center with a wide assortment. Accessories and haberdashery are also presented here. Buyers note the high quality of the fabric, from which the fashion collections are sewn. There are always seasonal sales, which will please all lovers of low prices. NEXT is a large assortment, convenient fitting rooms and friendly staff. The store does everything possible to ensure that customers are satisfied.

Carlo Pazolini

A wide range of footwear from naturalmaterials is presented in this store. The manufacturer creates comfortable and high-quality models for men and women. Visitors note the high service, fast service and friendly staff. Also, the store is characterized by a wide dimensional mesh of the goods, which makes it affordable for most people.

address of the mega store in Novosibirsk


The store offers a wide range ofgoods for sports and recreation. Clothing and footwear are not only for adults but also for children. Separately allocated sports equipment, simulators. Here you can buy a bicycle, skateboards, rollers and much more.

Buyers note a very profitable systemdiscounts, regular promotions. Replenishment of collections occurs every season, which makes "Sportmaster" even more popular. In the store you can find almost all famous sports brands.

Shopping center "MEGA" in Novosibirsk givesThe opportunity for visitors and visitors to the city to buy everything you need in one place. The mall works daily so that everyone can visit it and find the right thing.

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