Krasnoyarsk HPP: the history of construction

Right after the Great Patriotic War,it is clear that the country needs a huge amount of electricity to restore its potential. Especially it concerned Siberia, where in the 41-42 years of the last century hundreds of factories and enterprises were evacuated.

Krasnoyarsk Gas Plant
At that time, intensive construction of nuclear power plants was already underway,but for the construction of stations, high-quality workers and scientists were needed, which in those years were sorely lacking. In addition, the Siberian region has always been rich in its majestic rivers, the energy of which the government very much wanted to use for the benefit of the country. This is how the majestic Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station appeared, familiar to many on a ten-ruble note.

How it all began

August 8, 1959 in the mainstream of the greatest Siberian riverthe granite slab was dropped, on which the motto of the monumental building that had begun was carved: "Submit, Yenisei!". Throughout the world, such a daring challenge to the might of nature was perceived with considerable skepticism. Europe has forgotten with what blatant contempt that was then looked at Lenin, who announced a global five-year program for the electrification of a huge country. Ilyich kept his promise, but this did not stop a whole stream of ridicule.

"It is impossible to block the largestriver, as this is the stupid fantasies of the Soviets, "wrote foreign publications. Soon they were convinced that they had made a mistake this time too. The very construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station was an excellent refutation of this, serving as a symbol of another man's victory over the forces of nature.

In a word, the construction of the century (which already counted) wasnot only in the Union. In Krasnoyarsk, which at that time was a closed city, on this occasion even allowed foreign journalists. On March 25, 1963, the overlapping of the riverbed began. At 10 o'clock in the morning the first element of the ceiling was dropped, and already at 21.00 the Yenisei was completely blocked.

оао Krasnoyarsk Hes
However, it all began in 1955, when simple Soviet Komsomol members laid the foundations for the energy security of the entire region.

Really golden youth

In the beginning of November (!) In 1955, the first 200 people arrived. No roads, no shelter ... Young people lived in tents for the first time. And this - in the hardest conditions of the Siberian winter! Veterans of labor told that in the mornings it was necessary literally to tear off sleeping bags from thoroughly frozen ground. The construction was very slow and difficult: there were severe frosts, and there was practically no heavy equipment.

Get up, the country is huge!

Soon 140 more people from Ivanovoregion. All of them heard the appeal of the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU Central Committee. However, young people from all over the vast Union soon began to respond to him. Someone wrote to the leadership of the Party about the desire to go to Siberia, but many came without invitation. Already in 1962 the building received the title of Komsomol.

It was young people who became the main "engine"a giant project. However, their mentors were experienced engineers and former soldiers of engineering and construction troops. Many young builders lost all their loved ones in the war, and so the building was truly family-friendly: young people sincerely tried to learn from veterans. It turned out so successfully that the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station was completed by yesterday's "green" guys, many of whom were not even 25 years old.

On the progress of work

ship's hoist of Krasnoyarsk gas station
To facilitate and systematize the work,three construction sites are broken. On one of them, which was closest to the construction site, the train brought all the necessary building materials and trench tools. Then there was a transshipment base in Laletino. From here, a valuable cargo was transported to Divnogorsk, where the main construction activities took place. Many had to stay at the transshipment bases, since work on loading and unloading huge volumes of cargo required a large number of workers.

For four years it took onlycarrying out preparatory work: the entire necessary social infrastructure was built from scratch, the workers laid roads and stretched power lines. In addition, a woodworking plant was built and soon earned full force, providing construction with many necessary materials.

Only after the construction of normal settlements could all the forces be transferred to the construction of the hydroelectric station itself.

In 1960 the head of the whole enterprise was AndreyBochkin. He was a real demiurge of the Irkutsk hydropower plant, so the experience of coordinating several construction sites with this amazing man was enormous. It was he who was looking for engineers who created the ship's elevator of the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station: the Yenisei River is navigable, and therefore the project was complicated even by today's standards.

Gagarin has arrived!

 construction of Krasnoyarsk gas station
Immediately after the initial overlapping of the riveran even more significant event was accomplished: Yuri Gagarin himself arrived at the construction site! Do not tell how the builders waited for him. Already at six in the morning, when the plane of the world's first cosmonaut touched the runway, the work was boiling. And at 11 am the daily rate was already fulfilled!

The best shovel in the world

In the "legacy" of the cosmonaut number 1 remained a shovel. It, as the greatest shrine, was transferred from the leader to the leader. This legendary instrument is still kept in the museum of Divnogorsk.

However, at the stage of its constructionKrasnoyarsk hydropower station saw practically all the first persons of the state. And in this there is nothing surprising, since in the depths of the Siberian wilderness a truly titanic project was realized. Already in 1970, the first generator of the station, which immediately gave out the first electricity, was operating. Thus, Krasnoyarsk HPP was officially recognized as the most powerful in the world.

Only the Sayano-Shushenskaya station was able to beat thisrecord. Can you guess who built it? Yes, in 1972, when the 12th block was commissioned, almost all participants of the great construction site went to the Sayan Mountains. That's when the Krasnoyarsk hydropower station was built.

Energy Artery of Siberia

when was built Krasnoyarsk gas station
This HPP has become one of the most powerfulenergy producers in the region. Its capacity is 6000 MW. But energy production is by no means the only station assignment. It is a powerful distribution hub in the transmission of energy to the eastern markets. In addition, Krasnoyarsk HPP is a reserve and a guarantor of energy security: if in the region there happens some kind of emergency, which leads to the de-energization of cities and towns, the local generators take the place of the replacement function.

Immediately after putting this facility into operationthe region has blossomed again. Depopulated villages after the war (not all, unfortunately) again began to be populated by people, there was a huge number of new industrial enterprises. In general, when the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station was built, Siberia has become a symbol of industrialization before an agrarian country.

By the way, even today this power plant is included in the numberthe most powerful not only in the country, but all over the world. More than half of the people who work here have higher technical education and many academic degrees. Of course, they constantly advocate the introduction of new technologies for production.

Updated and perfect

Of course, the largest HPP of the Krasnoyarsk Territorycould not always remain in pristine condition. But even in the hardest of 1991, still managed to allocate funds for its reconstruction. At present, the parts in all 12 power units have been completely repaired and replaced, and the service life of the station has been prolonged for at least 40 years.

when a Krasnoyarsk gas station was built
In addition, they were completely replacedtelecommunication systems, repair of the machine halls themselves. Today, residents of the city are proud and thank those who gave the country this amazing miracle of engineering.

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