What is mulching and what benefit does it bring?

What is mulching? Let's try to explain this term using the following example. Under the trees and bushes, naturally a layer of fallen leaves, decaying branches and dry grass is formed. These organic residues protect the soil from drying out, weathering and erosion. Under cultivated plants, such a layer does not have time to form, therefore it is necessary to use special agrotechnics called mulching.

what is mulching

Covering the soil in beds, flower beds, undershrubs and fruit trees with an artificial protective layer - that's what mulching is. In this case, the selected area can be completely covered with mulch, and only in the aisles. In addition to protecting the soil layer from rain-washing, weathering and sudden temperature changes, mulching reduces the number of watering because moisture is better preserved in the soil, and get rid of heavy weeding. Mulch does not allow the development of weeds that lack sunlight under opaque material, so the beds remain clean. In addition, after watering does not remain drying hard crust. Mulching is actively used in arid places, where it is difficult to maintain a sufficient amount of moisture in the soil in a different way.

As mulch the mostdifferent materials. All of them can be divided into two types: inorganic and organic. The first group includes roofing felt, ruberoid, a film for mulching (black or colored, but not transparent) and other artificial materials. As organic mulch, sawdust, wood bark, mown green grass, straw, fallen leaves, needles, compost and even newsprint can be used. Different cultures prefer their covering material. Organic mulch is also good because in the process of decay it becomes a nutrient layer for plants.

lawn mulching

What is the mulching of garden trees andshrubs? A layer of mulch cover the circle of the earth around them and the path. To do this, you can use long-acting organics, such as pine needles or sawdust. Gravel, too, will do. Malinnik, for example, can be covered with sawdust. Mulching with wood bark also carries a decorative function, which is why it is often used in landscape design.

The simplest mulching of a lawn is not to cleansloping grass. It should be ensured that a too dense layer does not form, which is capable of decaying during the rains, some fungus may get into it. Therefore, at least three times a year the lawns must be harvested by rakes.

mulching film
Mulching is often used in growingberries and vegetables. Usually, a black film is used for this purpose, in which holes for the plants are cut. With the film, it is much more convenient to collect pure berries than from the ground, especially after the rain. But tomatoes, for example, prefer red film, and cabbage - white.

Now that you have sorted out a bit about what mulching is and what undeniable benefits it brings, you can choose the right mulch for the culture that will grow in your area.

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