How to call a beauty salon? Name, image and success

Excellent reputation, recognition of customers andlimitless success of the salon? Of course, this is possible! It is only wise to make the first step on the way to "beautiful business". How to call a beauty salon? Variants are very diverse, however, the choice of owners does not always stop at the most suitable. And this is not surprising, because for the absolute success it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors, which are described in detail in the article.

The theoretical aspect is the basis for a competent choice

How to call a beauty salon?

Creativity and brightness of the name of the beauty studio,undoubtedly, are the most important factors of its success. Nevertheless, a significant role is played by the theoretical aspect of the question, because it is the rules that make it possible to avoid mistakes and ridiculous situations in the future. These requirements include:

  • Absolute adequacy, which involves the exclusion of pretentiousness.
  • Associativity, which helps to clearly explain to society the nature of the services provided. When reading the name, people should understand that they are dealing with the beauty industry.
  • Viability, giving the name a special brightness and modernity. How to call a beauty salon? It is necessary to exclude obsolete words, as well as neologisms.
  • Functionality, allowing the name to work through its absolute understanding by customers.
  • Easy pronunciation, suggesting a successfula combination of three components: readability, flexibility (the ability to change in a grammatical sense, for example to bow) and the pleasant sound (excluding a large number of hissing and whistling consonants, uniform alternation with the vowels).
  • Nontriviality, equivalent to the elimination of banalities in the formation of names, because they are not able to perform even the most standard functions (for example, advertising and distinction).
  • Literacy is an indisputable factor. Elimination of non-standard names, if they can be perceived by society as a language error.

How to call a beauty salon? Orientation Definition

How to call a beauty salon? Options

Today, visitors to beauty studios especiallyare exacting, that's why when opening the salon you should think through all the elements to the smallest detail. As it turned out, the capital of Russia has more than 600 institutions of this area at various levels. Salons of "luxury" class, as well as small structures with respect to their scale, can boast of a wide variety of names, but the problem is that their sound is not always advantageous. In addition, the aforementioned rules owners of institutions of the beauty industry are not guided very often, which is very sad.

It must be remembered that the name isa significant part of the image of the institution, which forms a competent advertising image, which determines the success of the structure's promotion on the market. How to call a beauty salon? The list of names, known in the world of style today, is very rich. Nevertheless, the quantity and quality are completely different things, so to achieve a successful result, you should try hard. So, the first point in the foundation of the name of the studio is the definition of its orientation in accordance with the nature and interior of the institution. Below are the most popular ways to form beauty salons.

How to call a beauty salon for Feng Shui?

How to call a beauty salon? List

Formation of the name of the studio of beauty and style inaccording to the factor of interaction of personal energy with the energy of the surrounding world - a competent solution, because thanks to this science, not only small structures are being created, but business is successfully being carried out, and whole cities are being built. That is why the fashion for Feng Shui is actual and to this day, although the direction originated in the 19th century.

The central "chip" in the formation of the namebeauty salon on Feng Shui is the help of relatives, friends or close people who wish the owner of the institution only good and prosperity. The elect must offer the name, guided by the voice of his heart. So this name will be filled with bright meaning and as a result will bring to the institution, as well as its owner, unsurpassed success and popularity in society through positive energy from a loved one. The name of the salon, serving as a kind of mantra, should be simple in terms of pronunciation and understandable in meaning - and then positive energy will do its job.

Women's names to attract light energy

Call a beauty salon to attract

How to call a beauty salon? From the previous chapter follows the original idea of ​​forming a studio name, developed in accordance with the standards of energy. Often, business owners underestimate the advertising potential of women's names, and in vain, because it is the fair sex that creates an unthinkable flow of energy, positively affecting various aspects of life. So, if you send this energy to the beauty studio by endowing it with a female name, the institution is likely to be accompanied by success and public popularity, which is the ultimate goal of its activity.

Naturally, more often in the role of salon titlesthere are foreign female names, such as Christie, Kathleen, Adele, Josephine, Julia and others. Nevertheless, cases of the use of Russian names are known: Olga, Hope, Love and so on. How to name the beauty salon of a young business lady Ludmila? Of course, by your own name! And in this there is nothing shameful - if only the soul rejoiced!

Mythology and literature are an excellent choice

You endlessly like the name of a certainliterary hero or mythological character? Then without hesitation, you should correlate it with the rules given in the first section and, if appropriate, give it a new beauty salon! The fact is that such a name will cause a number of associations in society, which on the subconscious level will draw their interest. This will serve as a wonderful advertising move, and consequently, will increase the number of clients.

It is important that when you correlate the name withliterary or mythological characters should take into account a number of nuances with regard to the use of lexical material, which have a hidden nature. That is, inappropriate names such as "Adam and Eve", "Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Abel" and so on. How can you call a beauty salon? It should be remembered that the emotional coloring of the chosen name should be positive. Thus, the extremely sad image of the Little Mermaid from the work of Andersen is unlikely to serve as a benevolent element. Customers of the salon will remember how the beautiful prince got another lady. But the names "Aphrodite", "Psyche" or "Elena Beautiful" will serve as successful variants, because they carry so much beauty and tenderness!

Foreign words - a modern solution

How to call a beauty salon to attract success?

Today, the owners of the new beauty studios allMore often and more often they prefer the use of foreign words in the names of structures. "Beauty", "Barber", "Quaffour" in the translation sound like "Beauty", "Barber", "Hairstyle" and often cause a strange public reaction, however this practice is widespread in large cities. It should be noted that the choice of foreign equivalents to Russian terms is necessary with great care, because the likelihood of making a lexical error is extremely high, which in the end can become a grandiose failure of a beauty studio. That is why the owners of new salons often avoid this situation by adding to the title of the second word: "Nail-Studio", "Nail-Beauty" and the like.

When forming the name of the institution, eachthe business owner must remember one of the traditional rules of advertising: in no case should visitors be puzzled. Therefore, with incomplete information about this, but a great desire to complement the picture of your salon with a foreign note, you should turn to professionals in the field of English (or other) language. Among the unfortunate and even funny names can be identified "Elephant-line", which translates as "Light Elephant" or "Easy Elephant", or "Moonlight" ("Moon Line"), which is not understood by English connoisseurs. It's ridiculous and ridiculous, is not it?

Geography as an honorable guest of the beauty area

How can you call a beauty salon?

Another practice, very common intoday is the interconnection of a beauty salon with its geographical location or the rendering of a color studio in a fundamentally different country. In the first case, everything is perfectly clear: "Salon on Bronnaya", "Beauty Studio on Petrovka" are informative names that speak about the prestige of the salon, which is determined by the popularity of a particular district or even a city. It should be noted that this tool of attracting clients only acts with respect to the indigenous people of a particular locality, who are perfectly oriented in the corresponding territory. But with respect to nonresident population, the advertising potential of this marketing move, unfortunately, is equated to zero.

In the second case, the establishment of a foreign institutioncoloring is appropriate only with the complete arrangement of the interior in a certain style. For example, often the owners of beauty salons choose an oriental or Greek atmosphere in relation to their studio. Thus, the corresponding name will certainly take a winning position.

Simplicity or complicated names?

How to call a beauty salon for Feng Shui?

How to call a beauty salon to attract successthrough the interest of customers? In order for the name of the studio to sound good, you should think about all the details, including the complexity of its structure. There are two options. In the first case, the name is commercially justified, it sounds short and clear, for example, "Charm", "Style", "Tenderness", "Charm" and so on. Names reflect the image of the institution and give it a certain shade. Definitions "Beauty Center", "Line of Beauty" clearly describe the status of the structure, which in one context plays the role of a huge plus, because all the most ingenious is simple, but in another draws a fat minus, as the society, as a rule, is lost in a variety of monotonous names . Nevertheless, simplicity in comparison with the extreme complexity and intricacies looks advantageous, it bribes.

However, in the streets of different cities it is often possibleto meet beauty salons with such names as "Light Light", "He, Master and Margarita", "Something different" and so on. The pretentiousness of such names only reduces the advertising capacity, because they are perceived by the society is very difficult, which often leads to a decrease in the image of the institution, and hence, profit.

Maximum creativity!

There is an unthinkable number of ways to namebeauty salon to attract the maximum number of clients, nevertheless quite often this task causes certain difficulties for business owners. Therefore, it would be highly advisable in this case to have the help of a professional or an independent marketing research.

Unfortunately, only in a few countries there issuch a profession as a psychologist in the field of advertising, so if possible, you should turn to a master of general orientation. It is important to note that conducting an independent research in reality for any owner will be much more interesting than at the mental level immediately after this idea. To do this, for the formation of the name of the studio, it is necessary to interview at least ten people about their associations with the invented name. This technique will reveal at least the main mistakes, if any, and, of course, confirm the creativity of the thinking of the owner of the beauty salon if there are no shortcomings.

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