Akhal-Teke horses breed - an unusual exterior!

Horse Akhal-Teke horses breeds onlands of modern Turkmenistan. The breed appeared about five thousand years ago. Among the cultivated rocks this very ancient one. It influences the Arabian breed, the thoroughbred mount and many others. This is a standard riding horse, which for five thousand years nobody crossed with other

Akhal-Teke horses
breeds. And so the Akhal-Teke breed of horses is considered purebred. These horses remarkably tolerate a hot, dry climate and are perfectly acclimatized in other conditions.

As a rule, the Akhal-Tekean owns an unusualthe exterior. Its appearance is radically different from that of other horses. Akhalteke residents have a fairly large growth: about 160 cm in stallions at the withers, and an extremely dry constitution. Many compare Akhal-Teke horses with cheetahs or with greyhounds.

In all appearance of the horse, long lines prevail. In general, the breed was exposed to the influence of the way of life that the Turkmen follow. The exterior and interior of the breed was affected by traditional training, use and features

Akhal-Teke horses breed photo
feeding. The horses became dry and lean. They can not find excess fat. They are unusually hardy, not very demanding on quality, and to the amount of food.

Yes, the Akhal-Teke breed of horses is amazing! The photo, executed by the photographer-craftsman, perfectly shows all the advantages of this breed. For riding, pick up Akhal-Teke. After all, their movements do not tire the rider. But disdain and rudeness hurt the Tekeans much more than other horses. And they know how to stand up for themselves.

Like all thoroughbred horses, the Teques demandspecial approach. Most athletes, accustomed to working with phlegmatic and trouble-free half-blooded horses, consider working with Akhal-Tekeans too hard. But in the hands of a patient and intelligent rider a thoroughbred horse is able to show sky-high results. In fact, the Akhal-Teke breed of horses originated from wild and domesticated horses. These horses were nursed in desolate harsh conditions. They lived in the sands of Karakum. Tekintsy inherited from their ancestors enormous endurance and adaptability to the environment.

Where did the Akhal-Teke horses get their unusual pace? As you trot and walk, it seems that

Akhal-Teke horses breed price
the horse slides smoothly over the ground. Such a pace appeared in horses due to their stay in conditions of viscous sands. They with incredible ease walk even on quicksand.

Behind the outer fragility of the breed is hidden an incredibleendurance. As historians tell, there were times when an Akhal-Teke was wounded in battle with a saber blow, but still carried two adult men on his back. And he went with them on quicksand. Akhalteke people easily withstand thirst.

Yes, the Akhal-Teke breed of horses is unique! The price for a horse of this breed in Moscow and St. Petersburg ranges from 60 000 to 350 000 rubles. For sale, healthy horses are offered. They have all the necessary documents. And some owners, for a certain cost, deliver the Tequintos themselves to any point in Europe or the CIS countries.

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