How much burial services cost today?

Sometimes the relatives of the deceased citizencope with the duties assigned to them on their own - i.e. without resorting to specialized funeral services. This option is not excluded if the family of the deceased has sufficient resources for this.

But in most cases for similar purposescitizens still resort to the services of ritual agencies, tk. work for such organizations is already well established, and for a fee the family of the deceased can entrust the entire procedure to specialists.

If the spectrum of services provided is very differentis not observed, then the cost of services should be focused on. Conventionally, institutions providing such services can be divided into two categories: public and informal (commercial). The first work long time, and the prices for the services establish according to the state recommendatory norms. The latter are typical commercial enterprises, the main purpose of which is to extract the maximum profit from their activities.

A Few About Commercial Ritual Agencies

As for commercial ritual services, it is not possible to indicate any total nominal value, because each company has its own tariffs and rates. The only thing that can be done with confidencenote, so this is the effect of prices, several orders of magnitude greater than the average. Those. when applying to such an institution, of course, all the necessary services will be rendered in accordance with the agreement, but the cost for such far from all citizens is elevated. Plus, the general methods of work of informal funeral bureaus have long been raised by the public by a number of questions.

And on the contrary, state ritual serviceswork on quite acceptable tariffs. Citizens experiencing financial difficulties will be able to select a package of services. As a result, their native people will be buried as expected, with all the mandatory for the conduct of activities.

The cost of registration and funeral of public services

The most common price list usually includesthe following package of services: preferential burial (it is provided free of charge on account of compensation received from the state for burial); base - cost approximately 22 thousand rubles; extended - 35 thousand rubles; special - 67 500 rubles. Those. citizens with any income can select one of these packages of services.

Attention should be paid to the oldest ritual services of Moscow, one of which is ZAO "Ritual-Service"( Here is a full range of all necessary services, including assistance in the preparation of documents, the full organization of funerals and all mandatory activities. At the same time, the established prices are close to those described above.

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