LLC "KIT" (transport company): useful information for customers

Cargo transportation is an integral part of everyday life.human life, without which today the development of industry, business and the economy as a whole is unthinkable. In our country, many companies operate, among which one of the recognized leaders is LLC "KIT" (transport company).

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general information

LLC "KIT" is a transport company,specializing in the provision of services in the field of road freight. Regional representative offices of the company are located in 177 largest cities of Russia, 23 cities of Kazakhstan and the capital of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk. LLC "KIT" (transport company) delivers various cargoes, the mass of which can vary from 1 kg and up to 20 tons in more than 2000 localities. On the day there are about 10 000 shipments of goods that are delivered to the specified address on time, in integrity and safety. The company's clients are more than 300 000 commercial organizations, private entrepreneurs, as well as individuals. Relations with customers are built on trust and mutual respect. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

In order to save time, businessmen, with whomthe "KIT" LLC cooperates, the transport company accepts the goods for transportation without inspection and without the immediate presence of the consignee. In addition, applications for transportation are accepted not only in the offices of the company, but also via the Internet. Moreover, at the conclusion of the additional agreement the firm can incur a duty on transportation of the cargoes demanding a special temperature mode: medicines, perfumery, products from wood, household chemistry, paints, building varnishes, etc. However the company does not transport forbidden for transportation cargo: drugs, any kind of weapons, radioactive, flammable and explosive substances.

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Main types of services

LLC "KIT" is a transport company offering the following types of services to its customers:

1. Transportation of goods.

2. Packaging of goods.

3. Guaranteed safety of goods.

4. Loading and unloading.

5. Delivery of goods to supermarkets.

6. Cargo insurance.

Additional services: online order of transportation, notification of the exact location of the customer's cargo by e-mail or SMS, advanced warehouse system.


OOO "KIT" compares favorably against its main competitors with a number of undeniable advantages, among which the following should be noted:

1. A broad geographical presence - more than 80 regional offices throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. Also in the city of Minsk there is a representative office of the firm "KIT". The transport company in Moscow is located at: ul. Biryulyovskaya, house 38A.

2. Delivery of goods is carried out even in the most remote and difficult to reach settlements.

3. The company cares about the observance of a precise schedule of delivery of the goods and guarantees its full safety. Cargo transportation is carried out round the clock and uninterruptedly.

4. The technology "Express", practiced by the enterprise, allows you to deliver goods at a distance of up to 700 km within just one day.

5. The firm has a wide fleet of cars, represented by machines of different carrying capacity and modifications.

6. The employees of LLC "KIT" are highly qualified specialists who are able to solve quickly and effectively any problems that arise.

7. Flexible pricing policy. For maximum savings, the company "KIT" practices the delivery of the consolidated cargo, that is, the customer pays not the whole machine, but only the place that it takes directly its cargo.

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"KIT" (transport company): customer reviews

On the merits of the firm say numerousgrateful feedback from regular customers. Their number today exceeds the figure of 300 thousand. Customers celebrate the professionalism of the company's employees who work 24 hours a day and provide high-level service. For 8 years of its continuous activity, the organization has managed to serve thousands of customers, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprises. All of them confirm the reputation of LLC "KIT" as a reliable and conscientious partner. Everyone who values ​​their cargo, time and financial resources, can fully trust the firm "KIT". The transport company, whose customer testimonials speak for themselves, has proven itself on the best side and is recognized as one of the leaders among the organizations providing services in the field of cargo transportation.

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