Industrial Park Rosva (Kaluga): territory, infrastructure, industry specialization

The new service industry - industrial parks -began to develop in Russia more recently - only about 10 years ago. However, even now it is gradually acquiring a systemic character. In recent years in Russia, many new initiatives have emerged to create such complexes of different forms of ownership. For example, huge territories were allocated to the industrial park "Rosva". At present it is a powerful industrial building with a well-developed infrastructure.


According to official terminology, an industrial park is a complex of real estate objects managed by a specialized company and consisting of:

  • of the land plot;

  • objects of transport, engineering and industrial infrastructure.

industrial park

The main purpose of the organization of industrial parksin Russia is the creation of a new industrial production. All such facilities, among other things, have the necessary legal regime for carrying out their activities.

Kinds of complexes

Today in the world and in Russia there are the following types of industrial parks:

  • Greenfield - created on previously undeveloped sites and initially not provided with any infrastructure;

  • brownfield - Based on previously existing production facilities or enterprises.

Specialization of the company, carrying outactivities in the territory of industrial complexes may have different. This can be, for example, as textile and clothing production, and the melting of metals, the release of chemicals, the assembly of cars, etc. In most cases, the territory of the industrial complex is located just a few enterprises of various specializations, often even not related to each other directly. Refers to this type of objects and the park Rosva. There are a lot of productions of different specializations. Thus, people of different professions can find work in this complex.

industrial parks in Russia

Rosva Industrial Park: history and industry specialization

Registered this complex officially asindustrial was quite a long time ago - on March 10, 2009. Its main investor was the company Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi Avto Rus, which is a joint venture of well-known firms Mitsubishi Motors and Peugeot Citroen.

The initiator of the creation of this complex wasadministration of the Kaluga region. In total, about 11 billion rubles were invested in the organization of the Rosva industrial park. At the moment the staff of the complex is about 3.6 thousand people. At the same time, it is planned to create about 5,000 new jobs within the framework of the investment project.

The main specialization of the park is the assemblymodern cars, as well as components for them. A large share of the production of the complex falls on the Mitsubishi Outlander model (45%). Also in the complex are produced such cars as Peugeot 408, Citroën C-Crosser and some others.

Where is it located?

This is a large complex, a common areawhich is approximately 785 hectares, not far from the city of Kaluga (23 km). You can get to it if necessary on the highway M-3 Moscow-Kiev. In the immediate vicinity of it there is an ancient Russian village of Rosva. Hence the name of the park. This complex is located immediately on several sites.

chemical production

Industrial structure

The main industrial zones of Rosva industrial park are:

  • eastern platform, where the project "V-Park" for the construction of buildings built-to-suit;

  • Northern platform with a fire DEPO;

  • customs and logistics center;

  • Western site with a plant for the production of lubricants.

In the immediate vicinity of the park is locatedThe residential complex, built specifically for its employees. Territorially 340 hectares of the center's area is reserved for investors and their industries. On 250 hectares there are various kinds of communications. The remaining 195 hectares remain free for investors.

Basic production

At the present moment on the territory of the industrialRosva park implemented 11 investment projects. A total of 10 enterprises operate here. The following companies operate in this center:

  • Open Company "Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi Cars Rus" on manufacture of cars.

  • LLC "Foresia automotive development" for the production of exhaust systems and interior parts.

  • "Dzhi Rus", specializing in the repair and maintenance of gas turbines.

  • "FUKS OIL" - chemical production for the production of lubricants.

  • ContiTech, the main specialization of which is the production of pipelines for air conditioners and parts of power-assisted vehicles.

  • LLC "Continental Kaluga" for the production of automobile tires.

  • ZAO BC "Rosva", which is an agricultural complex for processing wheat.

  • OOO "Est-Pharm", which develops and produces modern medical equipment.

  • "Siberian element Rent-K" for the production of dry construction mixtures.

Also in the territory of this park is, as already mentioned, the transport and logistics center Rosva, which is part of the Freight Village RU.

Kaluga Oblast

In addition to the factory workshops, the park was builtElevators belonging to the biotechnological complex, the total capacity of which is 170 thousand tons of one-time storage of grain. Actually, the "Rosva" itself does not work at full capacity. At present the enterprise is still under construction. However, soon its capacity, according to the project, will be 250 thousand tons of wheat per year.

This complex, among other things,specializes in the production of starch, glucose, sorbitol and other products in demand in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in chemical industries.

Auxiliary structures

In the territory of the transport and logistics center inPark, among other things, there are railway and car terminals. The area of ​​the latter is about 5 hectares. The structure of the automobile terminal includes warehouses, administrative premises, customs control zone, access roads, etc. Part of the railway are:

  • storage areas for containers;

  • canopies;

  • administrative premises, etc.


Features of the park infrastructure

Of course, in the complex "Rosva" (Kaluga region.) provides everything necessary for the smooth operation of production facilities, convenience and safety of employees. The park is well-established as an electrical, gas, and water supply. There is also a storm sewage system here. Delivery and sending of all kinds of cargo is carried out by road and rail. There is also a telephone connection on the territory of the complex. Workers have the opportunity to use high-speed fiber optic Internet.

Elements of infrastructure

The power supply of the park is provided by:

  • through the supports of VL-110 kV for the plant RSMA;

  • RP for the eastern site;

  • RP for the western site;

  • cable line.

Gas pipeline for the park «Rosva »(Kaluga) wouldl built once specially. Its power is 90 million m3/ year, and the length is 2.6 km. On the western and eastern sites, an extensive network for the transmission of blue fuel directly to consumers is assembled. There are two such systems on the northern site.

The infrastructure of Rosva industrial park is also represented by its own water supply. Of course, several wells were drilled here. The water is supplied to the workshop from a station with a capacity of 1000 m3/day.

The total length of the motorways of the park is 5.2 km, travel - 3.4 km. The length of the railway line of the western platform is 6.5 km, the east - 10 km.

industry specialization

Residential complex

As in all other industrial parks in Russia, in "Roswe", of course, provided all the amenities inincluding for employees. After all, this complex is located far from large settlements. And therefore, employees of enterprises, of course, must first of all be provided with housing.

Workers of the park live in the micro-district "Vorotynskaya Grove" located in the vicinity of it. By area, this complex occupies about 148 hectares. In the village are built both multi-storey houses and cottages. The infrastructure of the microdistrict includes a kindergarten, a school, a swimming pool, various kinds of sports and entertainment facilities, and medical facilities. Also within the complexspine hotel.

AT in the microdistrict "Vorotynskaya Grove" (Kaluga Region) currently available (2017).) 650 apartments, 400 of which are leased. Currently, only the first stage of housing has been built in the village. The new complex consists of 6 residential buildings and covers an area of ​​10 hectares. A total of 158 rooms are available for the guests. The kindergarten of the complex is designed for 280 kids.

Actually, the territory of the microdistrict is well-equipped. The complex has convenient walking paths, playgrounds, driveways and travel for cars, trees and shrubs are planted, lawns and flower beds are broken.

textile and clothing manufacture

How to get there?

People who got a job in this park, get to it will not be particularly difficult. DTo do this, you first need to get to Kaluga. Then you should get to the bus station and take the bus going to the village of Vorotynsk. This settlement, like Rosva, is in close proximity to the park. In particular, the residential microdistrict "Vorotynskaya Grove" is located on its territory. The exact address of this complex is as follows: Kaluga Region, p. Rosva, 248903.</ span </ p>

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