How to Effectively Attract Customers at the Exhibition

Exhibitions are a great way to attract customers and increase sales!

However, all the money invested in the exhibition can be wasted, if you could not attract and interest a large number of visitors.

Do you know such a sad picture: exhibition, stand of any company. There, with a bored look, the manager shifts from foot to foot. A stream of visitors flows past, but no one lingers for longer than a second.

Or worse.

Stand. Materials are laid out on it. A company representative sits and is engaged in his own business, showing by all appearances that he is not going to humble himself before every counterman. What is called, want - take advertising. Do not want to - do not take.

Now someone can exclaim: "Is it possible in another way ?!".

Not just possible, but also necessary.

Personally, I really like the expression of one of the businessmen: "If I go to the exhibition, I set a goal that it will pay off in the next 2 weeks and not later. And, as a rule, I achieve this result! ".

Good installation, is not it?

Let's take a look at a few techniques to ensure that after the exhibition you have real clients, real orders and real benefits.

Stage 1. No one goes into battle without preparation.

Preparation is a guarantee of success at the exhibition.

First, make a scenario of work at the exhibition. One of the best tricks I know is special fake people.

That is, the exhibition should be from 3 to 5 people who periodically come to your stand, stand there and discuss your product or service with animated interest.

Then the smart rule works! If other people see that some stand has a revival, they will involuntarily pull up there like moths to the flame. People go to people. Crowd to the crowd.

It is very important that front people perfectly know their role and follow it impeccably. It is better to rehearse in advance.

Secondly, think up something interesting forvisitors - original lighting, an interesting lottery, useful handouts (for example, some useful advice in your field of activity).

The most important thing here is to attract attention.

As one of the greatest philosophers of the past LR Hubbard said, money equals attention.

I would have written this rule in large print in the office of every PR man.

The more attention you will be able to attract to yourself, your company, your booth, your product, etc., the more money you will earn.

But that's not all.

The same Hubbard, through analysis and observation, produced an amazing rule that the reason for the failure of any event is "too little and too late."

This means that you must start distributing information about the exhibition very much in advance and in large quantities.

A very good way to attract customers, including the exhibition - use a system of three touches.

This means that one person should hear about the exhibition at least 3 times.

You can use the mailing of paper letters (direct mail).

Why her?

Because you are interested in specific recipients,which can become your customers. Namely, this quite legal type of mailing allows you to choose a suitable address database so that advertising goes to a strictly designated circle of people, without dispersing the budget for those who do not need you at all.

The ideal option is to send 3 letters with an invitation to the exhibition to your stand. Letters must be different and, ideally, continue each other.

In order to be motivated to come to the exhibition and find there your stand, you can run some super-interesting lottery, the prize in which you can get only at the exhibition.

Or send the lottery tickets themselves, and the rally will be held at the exhibition.

In addition, you can send some good article about how it is useful to attend exhibitions and get acquainted there with new people. And even offer several ways to start a conversation at an exhibition.

What else can be attributed to the preparation?

Be sure to consider the behavior of those people who will represent your company's stand.

Compose and rehearse:

- How they will attract people passing by to their stand;

- What questions will they ask in order to provoke interest and identify their potential customers;

- What tone and facial expression should they have;

- How they will hand over a business card to be remembered by a potential client against the backdrop of many others.

It is important!

Arrange a dress rehearsal, it certainly will not be superfluous!

And here's the most important moment: come up with a good excuse to take visitors' contacts and then process them after the exhibition.

2 Stage. The exhibition itself.

If you took the time to prepare, thenthe exhibition will pass like clockwork. Very often the exhibition is covered by the press. Drawing attention to your stand, you can free to light up in the media, which is quite good!

3 Step. Processing of results.

If you managed to work well and dial contacts from the exhibition, contact these people in the next couple of days, while their impressions are still hot. In this case, the return will be much better.

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