Banner fabric - what to consider when choosing?

Business is unthinkable without advertising. The kind of media we choose for the PR-company of our enterprise depends on many factors. First of all, from who will be the addressee of the offer - firms or private individuals. Most often for outdoor advertising choose materials such as banner fabric,

banner fabric
mesh, paper. The rest is a matter of technique. In light boxes or on billboards, you can attach various materials. Banner fabric is most often used for stretch marks - both outdoors and indoors. When choosing it is worth paying attention not only and not so much to the price, as to the function and quality of the material. Printing on banner fabric is a relatively cheap and relatively long-lasting form of advertising. If ordinary paper, even protected from ultraviolet rays or laminated, is still exposed to atmospheric conditions, then the wind, rain, scorching sun rays are not afraid of banner fabric. Of course, over time, the coating can be erased, faded, but the quality material will retain its shape and image.

In the modern advertising market, banner fabricsare presented in a huge assortment. With their help, a skilled designer-advertiser can achieve amazing effects. In addition to standard frontlines, backcloths and blocking fabrics (blockades), there are other rare and original proposals.

banner printing
The main difference, which should be paidattention, choosing a product such as a banner fabric is the ability to skip or block the light. It depends on this, whether this type of material can be used with backlighting, front or for two-sided printing. Leading manufacturers are fiercely competitive, constantly striving to reduce the cost of their products. However, such parameters as resistance to rupture, extensibility, density, weight will also be important. Imagine that the stretch should be hung over the roadway. If the climatic conditions are rather complicated, the banner will be exposed not only to the sun's rays, but also strong gusts of wind, thunder and rain. The cheap material will quickly turn into scrapes, which can only damage the image of the company. In general, any outdoor advertising is exposed not only to weather conditions, but also unforeseen incidents and simply hooligan actions. High-quality materials have high tear resistance. Such banner fabric can serve not one year.


banner fabrics
an interesting proposal designed foroutdoor advertising, accumulates, and then reflects the sunlight. Even in the dark, this banner will be "highlighted" from the inside. These are so-called fluorescent materials, which can be either white or colored. Very creative use of banner mesh. It is designed to accommodate large advertisements in storefronts, windows, doors. On the one hand, the drawing is displayed. And on the other - the grid is almost invisible and does not close the view from the window. For indoor advertising - say, panels, stretch marks indoors or small interior solutions - banner paper canvas is recommended. As a rule, it has a cotton surface, an imitation imitating a picturesque canvas. Therefore, the colors and drawings will look especially effective on such material.

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