We make a commercial offer: examples of successful design

Be you a beginner entrepreneur who "himselfimagine a director, an accountant and a manager "or a hired worker, whether you are running a large firm or performing services alone - you can not do without such a document as a commercial offer.

commercial offer examples

Examples of successful decisions in its preparation and common mistakes, we will try to briefly outline.

Without a piece of paper, you ...

It's no secret that many of us do not like, evenopenly hated "clerical fuss" with the documents. It seems to us that this is a waste of time, because you can find out everything by phone or in person. But how many times in response to a call to some company you would like to sell goods or services, you heard: "Please send a commercial offer"?

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Examples of such answers are quite commonphenomenon. But only someone who does not know the principles of business etiquette, can take it hostile. In fact, this is how a competent entrepreneur respects his and other people's time. He does not need to listen to your trained eloquence and enter into an irrelevant discussion. Only when he has a document in his hands, called a commercial offer (examples can be taken even from the usual Word Office), there may be common ground, and mutually beneficial cooperation will begin.

Graphics and style

These are the necessary conditions that must beAre executed, that on your offer have paid attention and have not thrown out it in a garbage basket. What can you say about the design? Qualitatively prepared commercial offer (examples of documents of reputable firms - to that acknowledgment) should look reserved and elegant. What does it mean? Do not overdo with the background, with unnecessary graphics. No matter how beautiful you may seem to pictures or photos, the offer has enough logo and one or two product images (if necessary). The text should look neat. Allocations are permissible, lists too, but undesirable diversity. Stop on one font and a maximum of two or three colors. What can you say about the style of presentation and content? Not every employee can be charged with drafting a commercial proposal. Examples of how an unsuccessfully written document (with errors, carelessly) damaged the reputation of the firm are not uncommon. Think about it: would you like to cooperate with a company in which illiterate managers work?

Seven times check

As for content, there are special recommendations on how to write a commercial offer.

how to write a business offer example
An example of a well-prepared offer for eachbusiness will be its own, but the common principles are the same. Certainly, in the "header" and in the "basement" of the document, address and contact information should be indicated. Without them, the commercial proposal does not look serious. The length of the document is no more than 1-2 pages. In the first paragraph, you need to identify yourself and name the subject (service, products) that will be discussed. Prices do not always indicate, but if the offer relates to a specific product, the availability of them (or at least a range) will allow the potential buyer to immediately assess whether his cooperation with you is of interest. It is advisable, at least in two or three phrases, to describe why it is worth working with you: the arguments for choosing your commercial offer. Examples of successful language-slogans that can be included: "We do not promise, we do" or "Quality above all". Other arguments can be flexible price policy, international service, a rich assortment, highly qualified personnel. Check the document several times, both in terms of content, and after the final graphic design. Do not promise unfulfillable, do not overdo it with self-praise. The best thing to do is perceive a commercial proposal, composed with restraint and in essence. I wish you success!

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