Want to know how to increase sales?

Every entrepreneur in the process of hisactivities encounter such a notion as sales volume. What is it? At its core, sales are the amount of cash that has been received in cash or on accounts with an entrepreneur over a certain period of time. Also, in some cases, this indicator can be measured not by money, but by the quantity of goods or services provided for a clearly defined period of time.

From the definition of the concept of sales, it can be seen thatit is directly related to net profit. It is logical that to increase it, you first need to increase the sales of the enterprise. So, how to increase sales?

1. If the work of a company or an individual entrepreneur is related to the sale of a particular product (service) directly to the end user, it is important to select qualified personnel who not only ideally knew all the information on the products sold, but also had certain qualities: could interest the buyer and "Make" him to buy in addition to the goods for which he came, several more attendant. But do not forget to motivate staff to work better. The most common way is a fixed salary + percentage or a specific amount from each sold unit. In addition, it is possible to issue a bonus (based on the results of a month or a quarter) to the employee whose sales volume is the highest. This will encourage more fruitful work. Personnel who do not want to work should be punished: small fines, reprimand, deprivation of annual premium and extreme measure - dismissal. Maybe it sounds cruel, but the staff acts 100%.

2. Carefully follow the market, especially for the area to which you belong. Try to expand (open new points, shops, branches), while choosing places with the largest number of people, new microdistricts. Do an analysis of the terrain in which you are going to work. Find out the age, status, social situation of prospective clients. For example, to open a store of elite perfume or brand shoes in a small microdistrict, where the bulk of the population is retired - it makes no sense.

3. Give as much information as possible to your existing and potential customers. Create an Internet site on which there will be a maximum of information, and untwist it. If you doubt that you will be able to do this - invite professionals. According to psychologists, even the main colors, graphics, font size can affect the amount of sales on the site. Take care of the presence of the page in social networks. Conduct competitions, promotions, promo companies, give out leaflets on the streets, give advertising on television and radio, participate in exhibitions, etc. The more people will know about you, the better.

4. Go with the times. Plastic cards are gaining increasing popularity among our compatriots. Even pensioners have mastered ATMs and receive their pensions in this way. Take care that your customers can pay for the goods or services provided by a plastic card. Many banks now have bonus programs that require the customer to receive discounts on the goods in certain outlets when calculating the credit card. Conclude contracts with banks, expanding their customers.

5. Study all the rules and subtleties of the calculation of goods. This will help increase sales by 20-50%.

6. Keep existing and win new customers. "Make" the buyer return to you again. Enter discount cards, arrange regular sales, promotions with gifts for attracting friends, etc.

Since it is quite hard to increase sales during the crisis, first of all use those options in which people receive some additional benefits: discounts, gifts, discount cards.

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