How to attract customers to the store

In the current economic conditions, practicallybefore all companies that are engaged in retail, the task is: how to attract customers. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing complicated in this matter. It's enough to put high-quality and inexpensive goods on show-windows. The rest is a matter of technique. People will buy it and advise their acquaintances to do the same. There is a certain amount of common sense in this approach. However, as mathematicians say, this condition is necessary, but not sufficient.

Not so long ago, in a planned economy,there was a constant shortage of consumer goods. No one thought about how to attract customers to a store or repair shop for household appliances. The sphere of trade and consumer services has been subject to criticism from both the authorities and consumers. In this regard, it should be noted that the term "consumer" sounded in a negative tone. Under such conditions, many generations of people were born and lived. Each item had to stand in line.

It turned out that buyers competed for the rightpurchase the simplest commodity of everyday demand, such as sausage, shoes or a shirt. Of course, before the trading organizations the question of how to look for clients has never stood. Customers were always at the door of the store waiting for some goods. After the economy moved to market lines, the situation changed qualitatively. Now, the producers of goods and retail chains have started to compete among themselves in order to attract buyers.

This new task began to be solved by variousways. Each individual entrepreneur or manager of a large company found its way. Some sought in the archives receptions, which were used by merchants in tsarist Russia. Others tried to find methodical instructions in foreign sources of information. I must say that this state did not last long. In the shortest time, a large amount of information appeared on how to attract customers to its trading floor. And it does not matter what the company sells - goods or services.

Of course, you need to use foreign experience. At the same time, differences in the traditions and upbringing of people should be taken into account. Young people - a more comfortable audience, they need to pay more attention. It is very important to consider the solvency of people at the same time. All these theses and wishes are not objectionable, the main task of managers is to properly use them. When a person (in a modern language, a consumer) goes out into the street, many shops with the same goods are open before him. Which one should he go to?

Attracting customers, methods to increase salesalways imply the use of advertising. About what quality and content should be advertising messages, written a lot of books. The first thing that should be paid attention to - advertising should not annoy and cause negative emotions. It should arouse the interest and desire to learn more about the product or service. It is very important that the appeal is targeted at a certain age or professional audience. Or, to put it more precisely, to the target audience.

About where to advertise and how to attractcustomers, you can find out just by looking around. Newspapers, television, flyers and banners - all these media can help in solving the task. You just need to choose the most efficient medium. To all of the above, we should add that to limit only the placement of advertising should not be. It is necessary to carry out sales, organize presentations of newly received products. Each buyer to take into account, inform him of all the conducted actions. And then the store will bring good revenue.

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