Sheep of the Edilbaev breed: description, breeding

Sheep farming in our country, and especially insteppe areas, has recently gained increasing popularity. This is primarily due to the policy of the state aimed at the development of agriculture. Also, one of the main prerequisites for the development of this industry have been repeated outbreaks of such a disease as swine flu. Farmers and large agricultural enterprises were encouraged to test alternative livestock practices. One of the most promising breeds of sheep is now considered to be the Edilbaev Kurdyuk. Its main advantages are endurance, unpretentiousness and high productivity.

History of the breed

Sheep of the Edilbaev breed were bred beforerevolution shepherds in the interfluve of the Urals and the Volga in the territory of Kazakhstan. In the selection process, maximum attention was paid to increasing the endurance of animals. After all, then in Kazakhstan, nomadic cattle breeding was strongly developed. The deduced sheep must have been able to tolerate long transitions, if necessary, for a long time to dispense with food, be insensitive to heat and cold. The Astrakhan large coarse-wooled and Kazakh Kurdyukovs became parental for the Edilbaev breed.

sheep of the Aedilbaev breed

By now, this sheep is bredpractically on the whole territory of Russia. This breed is especially popular in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. A fairly large herd is also found in the Orenburg region. Of course, this is one of the planned breeds in many regions of Kazakhstan. These sheep and farmers of some other foreign countries are bred.

general description

The sheep of the Edilbaev breed belong to the groupmeat-and-fat direction of productivity. The main distinguishing features of these animals are very strong physique and honeysuckle. Sheep of this breed do not have horns. The color of the Edilbaevian sheep may be brown, red or black. Animals of different colors differ somewhat in terms of productivity. Most of all wool and meat are given by black and brown sheep. Among other things, the characteristics of the breed include:

  • correct physique;

  • well developed Kurdyuk;

  • heterogeneity of wool (down, hair, transient hair).

The body length of the sheep of this breed is 77-82 cm, the girth of the chest is 90-106 cm.

Edilbaev's sheep

Performance indicators

Weigh an adult Edilbaev ram of the order110-120 kg. The best individuals can gain 150-160 kg. This breed is also valuable for early ripeness. At birth, the mass of small sheep is only about 6 kg, and by the age of 4 months, this figure reaches 20-24 kg (including a 3-4-kg Kurdyuk). By the age of one and a half, the young are weighing about 80 kg. Slaughter yield of meat in these sheep is 50-53%. Its advantages include not only a small amount of cholesterol, but also a complete lack of a specific odor.

Characteristic for this breed are highproductivity indicators. On this basis, the Edilbaevian sheep are superior to many other varieties. The average shearing in sheep is 3-3.5 kg, in queens 2.3 kg. The maximum values ​​are 5 and 2.6 kg.

The milkness of thesesheep. From one uterus during the lactation period, you can get 150-155 liters. The commercial milk of the Edilbaev lambs is used mainly for the preparation of various kinds of traditional Kazakh drinks: ayrana (kefir), kurta (hard cheese), irimchik (cottage cheese) and butter. All these products are very healthy. The average fat content of milk is 5.8%. The weight of the sheep of the Edilbaev breed is about 65-70 kg. The best individuals can gain 90-100 kg.

sheep weight

Unfortunately, the sheep of the Edilbaev breed are not particularly prolific. The uterus usually brings one lamb. Occasionally, there are two or three cubs in the litter.

Sheep breeding: selection work

In our time, scientists and livestock keepersimprove this breed. To its pluses, among other things, include the ability to transmit to the offspring all useful-economic signs. Selection work is carried out mainly along the lines, with the laying of two or three in the herd. Of course, not only the best male producers are selected for replenishment of the livestock, but elite uterus as well. There are lines from sheep with some outstanding qualities - on precocity, weight, the size of the kurdyuk, the quality of the wool. Such animals become the ancestors of several generations of the Edilbaev sheep. The work itself with the line itself is mainly in pairing animals with distant degrees of kinship.

sheep sheep

Of the very valuable Edilbaev sheep are gatheredseparate flocks. For them, improved conditions of maintenance and feeding are created. Selected sheep, depending on those or other qualities, can be used as producers from 18 months to 4-5 years.

Features of feeding

One of the unconditional advantages of this breedis unpretentious in relation to feed. After all, the диdilbaev sheep were deduced precisely with the expectation of not a particular intelligibility in food. The ancestors of modern animals of this breed were able to feed on distillations with a miserable herb extracted from under the stones with the help of hoofs, dead wood, branches, etc.

Of course, today these sheep are fed muchbetter. Despite the fact that the Edilbaev rams and uterus eat literally everything that the owners propose, their diet usually includes both high-quality concentrated and green fodder and juicy ones. After all, on a well-balanced diet, these animals gain weight much faster. So, for example, when using feeds with a high protein content by 4 months, sheep gain weight not in 24 kg, but in as much as 50 kg.

The content of sheep with application asthe main feed of corn allows to significantly increase the yield of fat and fat. The basis of the ration of animals bred for meat is such concentrates as wheat and oats. Also such sheep are given bran, straw and oilcakes. Of course, in both cases, animals should receive a large amount of hay or fresh grass. You can also feed sheep with branches with foliage or dried brooms. From the juicy forage they are given technical beets, carrots and other vegetables and root vegetables. Without fail, animals must receive various kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements.


In summer, the sheep of the Aedilbaev breedexpelled to pastures. In this case they are almost completely transferred to the forage. Thus, to the merits of these animals, among other things, can be attributed to the relative cost-effectiveness of the content.

Features of breeding

The content of sheep of this breed is the procedurerelatively simple. There are no special requirements for accommodation, for example, animals do not show. The main thing is that the sheepfold should be warm and dry. Although the cold representatives of this breed are well tolerated, it is desirable to ensure that the air temperature in the shed in autumn and winter does not fall below 9 g. Among other things, shepherds must be given ventilation. Stale air, like drafts, these animals do not like.

The special complexity in the content of the breedsis in the summer grazing. The fact is that these animals are very timid. At the slightest sharp sound the herd can simply run up. To admit this in no case it is impossible. The fact is that the sheep's breeds do not differ in a special way, and simply can not find their way to the stall alone. Shepherds have to search for them on the steppe and mountains. But, being quiet, sheep obey the owners and even dogs or horses in everything. One of the distinctive features of the Edilbaev breed is some aggressiveness. However, it is usually directed not at people or other livestock, but at representatives of its own flock. Even without horns, the диdilbaev rams manage to "stumble" each other from time to time. If you do not follow these animals, in some cases the case may even end in serious maim.

Edilbaevskaya sheep breed price

Prevention of diseases

Of course, when these animals are bred,take all necessary measures to prevent infection. All sheep of sheep breed, including Edilbaev, need periodic vaccination. This procedure should be carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Ocot in the queens of this breed usually passes withoutcomplications. The childbirth continues in most cases no more than half an hour. Farm owners do not need to take any special action when lambing. All that needs to be done is to clean the newborn lamb's nose and put it to the mother. On the pasture, the young can be released on the second day after birth.

Edilbaevskaya sheep: price in Russia

To breed these animals is beneficial not only because oftheir productivity and unpretentiousness in food. Many farmers receive a good income and by selling young. The price for it may not be the same in different regions. In the Orenburg region, for example, one thoroughbred lamb costs about 7500 thousand rubles (for 2016). In Bashkiria, private farmers can buy young and cheaper - for 6000 rubles.

 edilbaevsky ram

But of course, to acquire the диdilbaev's sheepis still in the breeding economy. In this case, it is more likely to buy lambs from a good proven producer. Of course, such animals will later have better and performance indicators.


As you can see, the Edilbaev breedreally differs good productivity and at cultivation does not deliver to the owners of special efforts. Processing of a wool of sheep of this variety allows to receive qualitative felted and felted products. Meat, milk and lard are widely used in the food industry. By now, this breed, of course, is one of the most promising in our country. In particular, it is recommended to breed Adilbaev's sheepskin sheep in southern arid regions.

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