How to make a seal for an individual entrepreneur? "Lenpechat" will take into account all your wishes

Availability of printing from an individual entrepreneur- this is a necessity, a norm established by Russian legislation. Of course, the standards in some cases allow it to be abandoned, but usually this leads to additional difficulties, including the use of cash machines, changes in tax reporting, etc. The company "Lenpechat" can produce quality printing to an individual entrepreneur, in full accordance with his ideas and wishes.

Work principles

  1. Confidentiality. Any manufacture of seals is made only confidentially, which means that no other person can find out the details of the order. Print PI will be given only to the immediate owner - the customer.
  2. Complexity of services. The printed seal must be registered with the state authorities, and the employees of the Lenpechat organization can carry out this work independently, without the participation of the client.

printing to an individual entrepreneur

Seals for a legal entity

Presence of a seal from a legal entity - strictlycertainly. Moreover, the work of such organizations requires the use not only of round printing, but also a stamp for the document. There are some requirements to the drawing and words on the imprint, which must also be observed. For example, an impression should include the full name of the enterprise in Russian, and its name here can be indicated and duplicated in addition in a foreign language. Required and the address of the territorial location.

To order a print, you need to prepare somedocuments, including a certificate of registration of a legal entity, a copy of the Charter, copies of documents on the election of a leader for this position and a passport, as well as a document that records the fact of making a decision on the need to manufacture stamp products.

The equipment can be made of wood,plastic, metal, or have an automatic mechanism. All this - at the request of the customer. Any products made by Lenpechat will be manufactured using high-quality equipment and only from high-quality rubber from the manufacturer TRODAT.

On / ip-ooo-order The entrepreneur is provided with a choice ofseveral variants of designs of stamp production. You can also use the design studio of the company. There are specialists working here who will carry out all the work quickly and efficiently. They will optimally arrange all necessary information on the cliche so that it is accessible and convenient for reading, and also looks beautiful. The average production time for a stamp production for entrepreneurs is usually a few days, but in the case of printing to an individual entrepreneur, orders can be made much quicker.

Stamps for IP

Such a seal should contain basic information about theentrepreneur - actually, the phrase "individual entrepreneur", as well as all the initials, TIN and OGRNIP. It is also possible to write additional data, including the purpose of printing, for example, "for travel sheets." It is not forbidden to display a logo or ornament, which besides decorative can also play a protective function. Employees of the company "Lenpechat" quickly and efficiently produce prints to the individual entrepreneur, taking into account all requirements and wishes.

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