Increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise: quality as the main factor

The country's economy functions in conditionsunlimited competition with maximum efficiency. Competitiveness of an enterprise is its capabilities, potential, as well as the dynamism of adaptation to market relations. Ways to increase the competitiveness of an enterprise in these conditions are determined only by improving the quality of products, reducing prices for goods and services, introducing innovative technological processes, and finding new opportunities.

Enterprise Competitiveness Levelis an indicator, depending on a number of factors. Competitiveness indicators of an enterprise are factors, which include: competitiveness of goods or services in the markets (external and internal); the market capacity (characterizing the volume of annual sales); type of product or service; access to the market; position in the market of competitive enterprises; market homogeneity; competitiveness of the industry as a whole; the possibility of introducing innovations; competitiveness of the given region and country (in case of entering the international market).

Increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise, this,first of all, an understanding of the needs of the consumer market and the prospects for its development; knowledge of the capabilities of competitors, analysis of trends in the development of the environment; the ability to create a product with such qualities that the consumer preferred it, rather than a competitor's product. In conditions of competitive struggle, prices in the market are determined by demand, and any change in the consumer's desire for this type of product or service is immediately communicated to the producer by changing the price of the goods.

Increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise inscale of the country leads to an increase in the competitiveness of the industry and industry as a whole. The result of the competitive industry is expressed by the active development of the domestic market, GDP growth, the stability of tax revenues to the budget, the growth of exports, the rationality and efficiency of the use of natural resources, the preservation and development of the country's scientific potential, high population employment, social and political stability, and a worthy place that is a country in the international economic market.

Increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise -this, first of all, improving the quality of products, which is the main indicator of the activities of any production. In the broadest sense, the quality of a product is defined as the totality of the properties of a good or service to meet the needs corresponding to its purpose. At the same time, the increase in the level of product quality dictates the increase in demand for it and the increase in the amount of profit not only from sales, but also from higher prices for better quality goods. Thus, increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise is an improvement in the quality of products whose individual characteristics characterize the following properties of goods or services:

- utility;

- Reliability;

- manufacturability;

- Aesthetics.

Generalizing indicators of product quality include:

- the specific weight of the new product (service) in the issue;

- specific weight of the highest quality goods;

- weighted average product score;

- coefficient of grade;

- the specific weight of products that have been certified;

- the specific weight of products evaluated in accordance with world quality standards;

- the share of exports (including in countries with high levels of industrial and economic development);

- the specific weight of products that have passed the certification (and separately - not passed the attestation).

In addition, product quality can be describedindirect indicators, which include fines, the amount of defective products, the proportion of products with claims for its quality, as well as losses from defective products.

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