The form of the offer

For those companies that approach theircustomers individually, the usual short template, which for some reason is called the "form of commercial offer" will not be enough. Of course, there are companies in which it is customary to do everything according to certain standards. At the same time, the emphasis is on the speed of developing and sending the proposal, which means that it is planned to establish contact with a large number of customers. Such methods are used, as a rule, in cases of necessity to quickly fill the client base, when providing short-term services, or when selling a single (piece) product. This, of course, guarantees a certain profit.

However, there are other companies. As a rule, they function on the market for a long period. And they do not just exist, they work qualitatively. At the same time in these organizations there are isolated departments. One of these departments is directly connected with customers and is called the department of advertising services. It is here that a full-fledged form of commercial proposal is drawn up. As a rule, it involves a long-term (year, sometimes six months, but not less) cooperation.

The structure of the proposal consists ofseveral sections. In some cases, they can be supplemented or combined, or (if necessary) reduced. However, in any case, the presence of all elements is mandatory.

Preparation of a commercial offer begins withstudying client needs. The manager needs all the information about the activities of the potential client, his market interests, the characteristics of the organization and so on.

The form of the offer starts with the main sheet. It contains the main introductory information and indicates the author of the proposal, the date of compilation and, of course, for whom it is.

For a proposal of more than five pagesit is necessary to make a table of contents. In some cases, you can do without it. However, in complex proposals, where many items will be present, the table of contents is necessary. Thus, the client will be easier to navigate.

The form of the offer should includethemselves and the overall strategy provided (for example, advertising) services. There should not be a lot of information here - a maximum of two or three short paragraphs. The strategy can contain both a full (with budget) and incomplete (partial) promotion. Here it is possible (in a few words) to mention the prospective tools (they are better discussed in more detail) that will be used in the work.

Description (the fuller it will be, the better)tools involves the explanation of their individual species (this applies only to those that will be used), the results from their application. In the case of the provision of advertising services, you can specify their cost.

Mandatory in the form of a commercial offer should contain information about the prospective benefit of the client. He must know what he is giving money for.

The financial part should contain the total expendituretable, systematized information on the cost of each instrument used (for advertising services), as well as the expense table for individual periods and the entire period of provision of services in general.

When making large proposals, it is necessary to summarize all the information. The main theses once again prescribe the proposed actions, their cost and, of course, the result.

Of course, the proposal would be incomplete withoutan amendment to the experience of the company offering services, its achievements and successes. In addition, it will be very useful to name a few solid clients from the client base of the organization.

It is very important to point out the contacts of the person responsible for the proposal.

At the end, you can use separate (document) applications, which can contain calculation tables or graphs.

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