Commercial offer for the supply of goods, or how to successfully make sales

The task of any business is basically,To sell a product or service that you bought or created. This is sometimes very difficult to do. The main thing in the lesson called "business" is to create a commercial offer for the supply of goods. It is thanks to the description in this proposal that we will inform the intermediaries or the final

Commercial offer for the supply of goods
consumer information about the use of the product (products).

What do you need to indicate in the sentence?

In brief, a commercial offer for the supply of products can be broken down into several parts:

  1. Introductory.
  2. Part of the description of products (goods).
  3. Contacts.

Introductory part

In this part it is important to talk about your company, mission. Information about the history of the organization, about how much it works in the market and with which customers are welcome.

Part with product description

This is the main part. Here, as broadly as possible, a commercial offer for the supply of goods is signed. It is necessary to indicate the most popular products, services, as much as possible about them to tell. Qualitative descriptions of characteristics, scope, prices, delivery conditions and other parameters are welcomed. Essence - to interest a potential buyer.


This part includes such important informationas contact data, through which a potential buyer can contact you. It is necessary to place those contacts on which it would be convenient to contact buyers: phone number, website address, address.

example of a quotation for supply

Let's consider an example of the commercial offer on delivery of bread of the enterprise "Solnyshko"

"The company" Solnyshko "is one of the leaders inbaking of bakery products in our region. We are a company with many years of experience in the market. The goal of our company is to provide fresh and quality bread to every house at affordable prices. Having a significant production capacity and highly skilled workforce, we create products of high quality. We offer you a commercial offer for the supply of goods - bakery products.

We are selling:

  1. Bread is black. The round form, the weight of the loaf - 1 kg. The selling price is 1 US dollar. The products are made of rye flour of the first grade with observance of all the required GOSTs.
  2. Bread is white. Made from the finest varieties of wheat flour, as well as other quality ingredients. The weight of one loaf is 1 kg, the selling price is $ 1.2.

Our contacts:

The town of Solnechny, Solnechnaya Street, 32, Solnyshko.

Phone +30000000000, website

Best Regards, Sales Department »

Commercial offer for the supply of products
As you can see, the offer for supplygoods is created from three parts that reveal its essence: they convey information to the consumer or the next trading chain for the purpose of further resale or consumption of the goods.

In the example, the information is given only in order toto show the principle of drafting a commercial offer. In practice, it looks much brighter with a colorful description and using graphics. The main thing is to attract the client for further cooperation.

Remember, the commercial offer for the supply of goods - the engine of your sales!

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