Want to know how to make commercial offers?

The past two years,"how to make commercial offers to successfully conclude deals." It arose not without reason, because the well-being of the enterprise depends on how well the document is drafted. There are simple tips, following which you can achieve the desired effect.

What is a commercial offer?

Commercial offer (CP) is a tool forsale, which expresses the intention of the sender to conclude an agreement with the addressee. It is the first step in acquiring a potential client with a firm. It may describe the services or products, but the main difference between the KP and the price list is the incentive for the customer to take advantage of the offer.

How to make commercial offers? Features and structure
how to make commercial offers

In fact, this type of text obeys the same principles as the selling texts: laconism, honesty, capacity and motivation for action. KP can be sent to one or a group of legal entities.

The most important information should be in thethe beginning of the document. Its purpose is to interest the reader to read everything to the end. The fact is that in the first few minutes a person decides whether he needs it or not. To generate interest, it is necessary to write services and specific benefits from them.

The CP is composed according to the following structure:

  • company emblem, contacts (offer person);
  • cap (date of dispatch, number and type of document);
  • the topic of the proposal (the usefulness of the product or service and the organization that you represent);
  • essence (a clear name and description of the proposed products, what benefits it will bring to the customer, technical characteristics, the advantages of buying exactly from you, prices);
  • Conclusion (informing about high service and quality in the future, wishes to the addressee of successes, prospects);
  • signature of the addressee for the continuation of the relationship (full name of the contact person, position, telephone number, e-mail address).

Principles for constructing a quotation

If you want to know how to make a competent commercial offer, remember the following rules:

how to make a competent commercial offer

  1. The KP should take into account the lexicon of the target audience(for the accountant - the availability of accounting terms, for the computer programmer - computer), but be careful, scientific words should not be cumbersome, it is inadmissible to use them too often in the text.
  2. The CP should correctly build proposals andto present information in such a way that the reader can easily perceive it. Do not use common expressions, but rather ascertain the facts. For example, instead of the phrase "laptop" Asus "- the best for today" it is better to write "laptop" Asus "- number 1 in the rating of the magazine" PC World ".
  3. The third step in compiling the KP is a message calling the client to call the company. In this case, you can write: "If you have any questions, call us."

Common Errors

Young businessmen who want to understand how to make commercial proposals, often make the following mistakes when creating the document in question:

  • There is no accurate representation of the product or service (what is being sold and why it is needed);
  • the client is imposed all the services of the firm, and not the specific ones that he needs;
  • are sold not the benefits of the product, but its characteristics, that is, there is no point in describing the product without an example of its specific usefulness.

How to make commercial offers. Decor
how to make a business proposal example

The optimal format for KP is readable text(Arial or Times New Roman) on an A4 sheet. If the document is sent in electronic form, it is even less likely to remain not thrown into the trash. In this case, his first lines in a few seconds decide the fate.

Now you know the algorithm, how to composecommercial proposal. An example or a sample of such a document can be found in specialized publications. For more effective action it is necessary to address to firms which will professionally make КП and will help you to expand the business.

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